STATE REP RACE: Tewksbury Republican Town Committee Accuses Robertson Of “Flip Flopping” On ICE

TEWKSBURY, MA — On Friday, the Tewksbury Republican Town Committee released the following statement, accusing Democratic State Rep candidate Dave Robertson of “flip flopping” on his statements about ICE:

“Dave Robertson is showing the people of the district exactly the type of Representative he will be, a flip flopper who talks out of both sides of his mouth,” said Joe Dunn, secretary of the Tewksbury RTC. “He’s using one side to satisfy his far left base, and the other to trick moderate and right leaning people of the district into thinking he’s something that he is not, a ‘conservative democrat.’ No matter how much Robertson wants to spin his position, in the Wilmington Apple on July 4, 2018, he sided with the dangerous criminals who are here illegally when he called ICE ‘disgraceful.’ If Dave Robertson truly wants to break away from the Democratic party’s pro illegal immigration & anti ICE platform then we call on him to put people before party and unregister as a Democrat.”

“When the next Legislative session begins in January, one of the top priorities for the Massachusetts Democratic Party is to refile a bill to make Massachusetts a Sanctuary State, added Dunn. “There is only one candidate in this race for State Rep who has committed to voting NO, and that’s Pina Prinzivalli.”


Editor’s Note

Just so readers understands what the Tewksbury Republican Town Committee is referring to, here is what Robertson wrote regarding ICE in July during a Q&A on illegal immigration:

As many folks know, immigration is controlled by the federal government and is a contentious topic of the day. I for one, believe the federal government is concentrating too much on who is here already without stopping the flow. It’s like mopping up a puddle while the pipe is still leaking! ICE is unbelievably broken and disgraceful, especially when compared to itself years ago, and both sides in Washington are refusing to compromise. In fact, they haven’t had any truly strong showing at fixing our immigration issue since the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” proposed immigration overhaul years ago that was logical. I also believe that felonies have occurred regarding the treatment of immigrants being detained; what has emerged needs to be investigated.

Then, earlier this week, here is what Robertson wrote regarding ICE when asked to highlight two issues in the State Democratic Platform he disagrees with:

… I break hard with the more left elements of the democratic party with respect to sanctuary cities. As I’ve said before, immigration is a federal matter, and while I hate that families are separated by ICE (why they do this and increase logistical complication, I am unsure), ICE is an integral part of our national sovereignty. Sure, there are plenty of ways it can be improved, but to abolish it outright because our system is slow and ineffective is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Hiring additional officers, allocating more people to conduct background checks and to process paperwork is what’s needed, not leaving the post abandoned completely.


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2 thoughts

  1. people of the 19th district, this is coming from a group that is supporting a candidate that only answered 1/4 of a question posed to her earlier in the week from the apple and to change the subject had to put something in it about her opponent. again I would’t vote for her for dog catcher let alone our next state rep

  2. Can we finally be honest here? The real Republican candidate is Joe Dunn. Pina is his puppet and he is her paymaster. Look at her financial report on OCPF. Enough charades.

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