NOW HIRING: Wilmington DPW Seeking Equipment Operator In Tree Division (UPDATED)

WILMINGTON, MA — The Town of Wilmington recently posted the following job listing for an Equipment Operator III in the DPW Department’s Tree Division.

SALARY RANGE: November 1, 2018 $972.01/wk – $1,137.64/wk
HOURS: 6:30 AM – 3:00 PM
QUALIFICATIONS: See Position Description below.
TO APPLY: Submit resume or internal position application to the Assistant Town/Director of Human Resources.
POST: October 10, 2018
DEADLINE TO APPLY: October 17, 2018 Internal Candidates, October 19, 2018 External Candidates


Manual arboricultural work of a skilled nature in the care and maintenance of Town-owned trees, shrubbery, and roadside vegetation; all other related work as directed.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

Works under the direct supervision of the Tree Division Working Foreman.

Performs a variety of routine and repetitive tasks, with work checked during progress and upon completion for satisfactory performance.

Makes few contacts beyond immediate dpw staff.

Continuous and strenuous physical effort demanded in walking, bending, standing, and lifting or carrying equipment, tools and materials, while performing duties under varying weather conditions and heights.

Examples of Work:

Performs manual work in assisting with the removal of town trees by operating brush chippers, stump grinders, bucket trucks, rigging ropes, and leverage devices.

Hauls brush and logs, ensures crew mates have necessary tools for the job. May be asked to buck logs on the ground and prune or remove trees from an elevated bucket as experience and training allows, and as directed by Working Tree Foreman.

Performs duties during regular work hours and during after-hours emergencies, as needed.

Sets up work zones by placing cones, work zone signage, and barricades as required.

Seeds, loams, fertilizes, rakes, weeds, mows and waters trees and lawn areas.
Plants, trims, cuts and sprays hedges, shrubbery and flowers; rakes up and disposes of rubbish and leaves.

Operates equipment such as bucket trucks, power-mowers, trucks, brush cutters, snow plows, chainsaws, string trimmers and other typical tree felling equipment
Performs light maintenance of equipment such as tuning up saws, sharpening chains, performing oil changes, lubricating equipment, and other maintenance, as required.

Assists in planting town trees and shrubbery and ensuring trees and shrubs are properly watered.

Participates in the Town’s snow and ice removal program by plowing snow and de-icing roadways and parking lots, and removes ice and snow from walks, drives, and pavements.

Actively participates in training activities offered. Complies with safety requirements of ANSI Z133 safety standards for tree care.

Assists in the work of the other DPW Divisions, as required. Can perform pick and shovel work in grading, patching or otherwise maintaining roadways; assists with rough work of excavating and sheathing trenches; assists in excavations and backfills holes, trenches and ditches; spreads sand or stone chips by hand or mechanical spreader; opens clogged sewers and catch basins, removes dirt and debris. May perform work on ball fields, parks, playgrounds, and cemetery.

Performs a variety of unskilled tasks in connection with the physical maintenance of parking areas, streets and sewers; performs incidental unskilled manual laboring tasks as required, and performs other work of the Dept. of Public Works divisions, as assigned.


Education and Experience:

High school education; or any equivalent combination of education and experience of at least 12 months working in the arboriculture field, actively participating in a tree removal crew.

Knowledge, Ability, Skill:

Ability to lift heavy objects and to work continuously under varying weather conditions and elevations. Ability to understand and follow oral instructions. Ability to use hand tools and operate power equipment. Ability and knowledge of tree rigging ropes and arborist knots. Possession of class B Motor Vehicle operator’s license, and a working knowledge of ANSI A300 arboriculture standards. Massachusetts Certified Arborist or ISA Certification, EHAP certification, and Massachusetts pesticide applicator’s license are preferred. The current ability to rope climb, to work in trees is also preferred.

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