CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Pina Prinzivalli Raises Nearly $20,000 Since Campaign Launch ($12,000 Thus Far In 2018)

WILMINGTON, MA — 19th Middlesex State Representative Republican candidate Pina Prinzivalli (R-Tewksbury) filed her pre-primary (January 1 to August 17) campaign finance report with the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance on Monday night.


Pina Prinzivalli’s campaign has raised $19,335 since its launch — $7,170 in 2017 and $12,165 thus far in 2018.

Prinzivalli also received $4,154,80 in in-kind donations this year, including $2,708 in field assistance and postage costs from the Marlborough Republican City Committee.


Pina Prinzivalli’s campaign has spent $4,115.49 since its inception — $643.69 in 2017 and $3,471.80 thus far in 2018.

Major 2018 expenditures include:

  • $972.05 to Vista Print for Campaign Cards
  • $541.15 to Signs on the Cheap for Campaign Signs
  • $406 to Luna Rosa for Campaign Kickoff Event
  • $265.63 to East Coast Printing for Campaign Signs

Read It For Yourself

Pina Prinzivalli’s pre-primary campaign finance report can be read HERE.

Press Release From The Prinzivalli Campaign

TEWKSBURY, MA — On Tuesday, following the OCPF reporting deadline, Pina Prinzivalli, Republican candidate for State Representative in the 19th Middlesex District, announced she closed the Pre Primary reporting period with the highest balance of all of the candidates with $15,219.51.

“I’m excited that my campaign to put the ‘Taxpayers First’ is resonating with the people of the 19th Middlesex District and the taxpayers across the Commonwealth who want someone to fight for them at the State House,” said Prinzivalli who launched her campaign last October. “This is a considered a conservative district and my campaign is in the best position to bring home a victory in November for the people who want political balance on Beacon Hill.”

OCPF filings show that Prinzivalli has raised $19,335 since launching her campaign, including $12,165 during the Pre Primary reporting period. The Committee also picked up $4,180.54 in “In-Kind” contributions. According to the filings, among the eight candidates who entered the race, Prinzivalli has the second most donations from Tewksbury and Wilmington with 45.

“I’m a career professional. I’m the only non politician in this race,” said Prinzivalli. “The fact that I have the second most among a list of career politicians and political insiders with years of donor lists to fall back on says a lot about the campaign I’m running. My platform is picking up financial support from hardworking taxpayers and grassroot teams who are working with me on the ground to help spread my ‘Taxpayers First’ message.”

“During the Democratic Debate last week, all of my opponents came out in favor of raising taxes,” continued Prinzivalli. “We’re at a time of record spending and the Commonwealth has taken in $1.2 Billion more in revenue than originally projected. But for my opponents, that’s not enough. It’s exactly why the taxpayers want and need a friend on Beacon Hill. I’m the only candidate who has actually worked to put more money back into the pockets of the taxpayers.”

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