LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Please Vote On September 4 & End The “Good Ole Boy Network”

Dear Editor,

In one week, our district will have the opportunity to narrow the choices for State Representative into two candidates, one of which will become our first new representative in 40 years. While this is an exciting time where the district may make a drastic turn, for many it’s a worrisome time as change comes with a certain amount of….well, uncertainty.

I have closely followed the race and I will say first and foremost, I will not be pleading with you to vote for any certain candidate. My intention of writing this letter is the hope that it opens your mind to a choice of voting you may have thought but never considered and for those who do not plan to vote, a chance to reconsider.

I am a life long resident of Wilmington and also an outspoken resident in pushing for change in my town. I am asking our Tewksbury friends to take a look at where you are as well as where the Town of Wilmington is and ask yourself in what direction do you wish to take this district?

One of the biggest complaints folks voice is regarding traffic and the lack of ability to travel on Rt 38 (along with other routes). I believe this is an issue that our current leaders (both towns) have created at the behest of one single group of people, the developers. As two candidates have pointed out, Wilmington has been almost completely built out and threats of large capacity condo complexes are being speculated about all over town. Tewksbury has seen the impact first hand of what these complexes do to a community, and I have not spoken to one person that believes those impacts are positive. For Wilmington, it may be too late, however Tewksbury still has lots of open spaces, undeveloped land and may I say it, farmland ripe for building.

It’s time that our two communities look at the officials that are constantly being elected and where their loyalties lie. In the case of Wilmington, a small group of individuals continually gets elected while endorsements for the same people continue being made. Wilmington’s political landscape reminds me of a bad merry go round that just will not stop! The 19th Middlesex has a big choice in front of itself at the moment. It’s time to vote in “new blood” that will bring fresh ideas to tackle the problems we face and will be a voice for the people. We need creative solutions, the type that only comes from someone seeing the problem through fresh and untainted eyes. We have seen the road we are on, Rt 38 cannot handle much more of this course. Please look at records of the candidates and rely less on what they say and more about what they have done and the type of person they are. The individual that gets elected this coming November will most assuredly be asked to cast a vote on a law that will relax the super majority needed for land rezoning at Town Meeting. We need an impartial representative that we can trust will do what is right for the people and not their, or their friends pockets. Let’s chose to stop the merry go round before it gets going.

I’ve been an advocate that the government is here to be a resource for the people, not one group, but of all the people. The only way we can make change is to recognize this is an important election and our district needs you to show up to vote. The special interests will have their people showing up at the polls in droves, their candidates are clear as day. It’s time we stand together and end the “good old boy network” that exists today.

Rob Fasulo

NOTE: All letters regarding the September 4 election must be submitted no later than Thursday, August 30, 11:59pm.

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2 thoughts

  1. Rob will all due respect after Tuesday there will be 3 candidates. Pina P the repub, Patricia Meuse the independent and the dem candidate. I have currently spread the work that if Ms O’Connell wins. I May become a write in candidate but I can’t wins unless people like you with that message says enough is enough. The people of Tewksbury this year after the addition of Eric Ryder to the PB have said enough to the projects that are not beneficial to the whole, not just the profit model. God Bless the 19th District.

  2. Looks like Mr Fasulo lived in tewksbury from 2005 till 2011 on foster road.. So maybe not a lifelong resident of Wilmington????

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