STATE REP RACE: Committee To Elect Mark Kratman Expresses Disappointment With Robertson Campaign’s Tactics

TEWKSBURY, MA — The campaign for State Rep. Candidate Mark Kratman (D-Tewksbury) today issued the following statement in response to a recent statement from the Dave Robertson campaign:

The Committee to Elect Mark Kratman is deeply disappointed in the negative campaigning and specious arguments of David Robertson and his campaign surrogates. This is the type of campaigning from a candidate without a record to run on and thus seeks to smear another candidate with half-truths.

“Attacking a candidate for caring for an elderly family member while working two full time jobs shows Robertson’s immaturity and desire to deliberately mislead voters. You take care of family first, everything else is secondary,” said Campaign Chairman Vincent Fratalia. “Mark has not only consistently and proudly voted in Tewksbury since 2013 – he has also been elected twice to the Board of Selectmen, served as chair of the Economic Development Committee, and served on the boards of the Lowell Regional Transit Authority, the Wilmington-Tewksbury Chamber of Commerce, the Beautification Committee, the Wilmington-Tewksbury Elks, the Tewksbury Lions, the Knights of Columbus and organized the Memorial Day Parade, the 4th of July, and other Veteran activities as Vice Chair of the Patriotic Committee. His strong service to our fine communities over many years comprises both public and private entities and is widely recognized by residents and business owners in both towns.”

“Voters care about the issues that affect them every day – paying their mortgages, their property taxes, water and sewer bills, raising their children (and writing those checks for sports, activities, and tuition), caring for their elderly parents, managing health care (and the co-pays from devastating illness), and growing their careers and families,” added Fratalia. “What we know best about Mark is that he is the hardest working candidate, that he is dedicated to his family and his community, and is driven to serve the people of our communities with facts, energy, and compassion.”

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6 thoughts

  1. I am a supported of Dave Robertson but not an advisor. My comment would have been “Currently I am in support of automatic renewal registration for voting. The people of the 19th District will have their say on September 4th. I will have to further public comment on this issue.” But I would like to state again the if you want a candidate that shows up at every event and I commend his constitution of 2 hours of sleep a night then vote for my friend Mark Kratman. BUT if you want someone that has been working and has the experience on Beacon Hill and many more positions on the issues then cast your vote with me to both town powers that be, your not getting the people’s seat! For OUR next State Representative Dave Robertson.

    1. The above comment should read “no further comment regarding this issue” instead of “to further comment”

  2. I couldn’t agree more with George Ferdinand.I might also like to add,that everyone who plans on voting to put some though into the candidates running,their excuses for the dirt that has been dug up on them,their endorsements and donators. I know I’m sick or the out of control develop in both towns and the overwhelming traffic on roads that would be condemned in a third world country. We have canadates that are current and past selectman, who should have been working for the citizens,plenty of endorsements for a couple of them….think about that…but what is their record working for the citizens vs the developers? How’s your tax rate? Are they in this race for themselves,the perks and power of the position,their endorsers and donations?
    Just how dedicated are they?Plenty of excuses for their past indiscretions,but some of these canadates have no need for excuses,some have a record of working for us,the citizens,not dancing like marionettes for developers like so many of these elected officials obviously do.
    This is an important election,these towns need responsible experienced representation,not someone who has excuses and a track record of being a puppet to those who endorse and donate to them

  3. I agree. There is no need for this response from the Kratman campaign as it will further make waves. If you want the waves to stop, you don’t keep rocking a boat.

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