LETTER TO THE EDITOR: State Rep. Candidate Dave Robertson Has “Walked The Walk” While Miceli’s “Right Hand Man”

Dear Editor,

We are writing to give our whole-hearted endorsement and support to David Robertson in his campaign for State Representative. Representative Miceli introduced us to Dave several years ago and we have always been impressed with Dave’s attention to detail and follow through. Dave has never been someone who simply “talks the talk.” Time and again, in our dealings with him, he has “walked the walk” and that is who we need to fill the gaping hole left by the loss of Rep. Miceli.

Dave was very much Rep. Miceli’s right hand man. Who better to represent us at the State House then someone who has already sat in on the meetings, stood in the chambers, and seen first-hand how to effectively advocate for what is best for our community? When Dave talks about the issues facing us, he demonstrates a depth of knowledge and a plan of attack that is unique to him. He genuinely wants what is best for us and he is the only candidate that has the knowledge and the experience to get the job done at the State House on day one.

Finally, in getting to know Dave as a person, we are honored to consider him a friend. Dave is just a really good guy. Have you ever seen the movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington?” That’s what we think of when we think of Dave. He’s a principled man who would do us proud. We know that he wants what is best for us, our children, and our parents. His words are his own and they come from the heart.

We ask all of our friends to help us in supporting David Robertson for State Representative and encourage everyone to make sure they are registered to vote, that they get an absentee ballot if they cannot vote in person at the primary, and that they come out strong at the primary in supporting our friend, David Robertson.


David and Jomarie O’Mahony

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