LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Community Volunteer & Lifelong Wilmington Resident Joe Martiniello Endorses Judy O’Connell For State Rep

Dear Wilmington and Tewksbury Residents,

On September 4, 2018, I hope you take the time to head to the polls for the primaries to elect our new State Representative. When you head to cast your ballot I ask you to consider Judy O’Connell, the candidate who I am endorsing in this election.

I have been fortunate to experience the engagement that Judy O’Connell exerts towards projects she is committed to and I have observed the level of dedication she has given in public office to the town of Wilmington, which has been exemplary. I find it to be important at times to step outside of one’s comfort zone in life and this letter to the editor is certainly one of those moments for me. I have spent a lot of time supporting various activities in Wilmington throughout the past fifteen years and even though I tend stay out of the political arena, I did want to share my support of Judy O’Connell to be our State Representative.

I met Judy early on in life, as she played softball with my sister. Our paths did not cross again until roughly ten years ago, when she had heard I was working on bringing Relay For Life to Wilmington.

I enjoyed working with her and many others in that inaugural year to bring a new tradition to the town of Wilmington. Judy was there every step of the way and since then I have been impressed with all that she has done for our community through her tenure in the School Committee, Board of Selectmen, as a member of the WHS 4.0 committee, helping to champion the Yentile Farm Recreational project, and much more.

It isn’t easy to please everyone in public political positions, but I have found that Judy always handles herself in a just and professional manner. She embodies the type of leader you want representing you in a public office: hardworking, reliable, diplomatic, compassionate, fair, reasonable, considerate, and practical. Just one example of this was during her time as the chairman of the Yentile Farm Development Committee for the NEW Yentile Farm Recreational Facility. I was impressed by the way the community was pulled in to help provide feedback and recommendations in a public forum. I personally attended two of the sessions open to residents and everyone had an opportunity to provide input and feedback. Not only did these sessions provide residents with a forum to provide feedback, it also provided the Board of Selectmen to receive feedback from the community on other needs they felt were needed for the town of Wilmington.

For more information on Judy O’Connell, go to http://www.judyforstaterep.com and email or call her if you want to speak with her directly. She is committed to supporting the residents of our district, so when you go to vote on September 4th vote for Judy O’Connell in the primaries.

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