LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Kratman Helped My Family After Our House Fire, Has A Big Heart For His Community

Dear Editor,

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

It was a chilly and dreary Monday morning, almost 15 months ago when we woke up to smoke in our house. We escaped with the clothes on our backs and began the long journey of recovering from a devastating house fire. The foundation for our new home just went in about 2 months ago and we proudly and publicly display our support to Mark by putting up a sign. The morning of that fire Mark Kratman showed up and offered to help, asking what we needed and what he could do. Working with our family and friends, he helped coordinate donation drop offs and raise funds for our family of five.  I remember asking my husband that morning who he was, not realizing then that I would one day be supporting him politically.

We had never met Mark prior to that morning.  He has been by our side every step of the way since that horrible day.  Every time we see him, he makes a point of asking how we’re doing, how things are going or do we need anything.  Mark wasn’t running for office, he wasn’t trying to score points. Having lost his family home in a fire as a boy (something we found out later), Mark knows what it is like to lose everything.  That’s why he works so hard to reach out and help others. We share this story so people know the kind of heart Mark has for his community.

If you’re even the slightest bit involved with our community then you most likely know that Mark seems to be everywhere, always offering to help if he isn’t already in the midst of helping.

If anyone is capable of continuing the work that Jim Miceli started and with the same compassion as Jim, it’s Mark.  Mark is a lot like Jim.   He’s there for you.  He’s there to make your lives easier.  He will fight for the little guy.  That’s what he does.  It’s not the party that he’s representing, it’s you, it’s me, it’s everyone of us.  That’s why he’s the perfect choice to replace Jim Miceli.

Catyb House

Thank you,
Diane Catyb

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