LETTER TO THE EDITOR: School Committee Member MJ Byrnes Endorses Dave Robertson For State Rep

Dear Editor,

I am writing to enthusiastically endorse David Robertson as the next State Representative for Wilmington and Tewksbury. As a resident of Wilmington, I have had the pleasure of working with David on wide and varied town topics that impact our community. From proposed developments that threaten the quality of life of our residents (eg. Global Gas proposal and the location of a Detoxification facility, in close proximity to a residential neighborhood, at 362 Middlesex Ave.), to adequate State funding for Wilmington Public Schools, Dave has been my point person for viewing concerns and continues to be a strong and vocal advocate, fighting such developments to ensure the safety and quality of life for the neighborhoods, families and children of Wilmington. I am not the only one to experience this however. As many residents know, Dave has been instrumental in voicing their concerns to our community boards and ensuring those concerns were also shared effectively with the late Representative James Miceli.

Representative Miceli was a strong mentor to David, and placed a great deal of trust in him. So much so, that David was given the great responsibility to represent and to speak publicly on his behalf at various town meetings, especially those that threaten the integrity of our communities.

Dave has extensive knowledge of both communities and the specific concerns both of our Towns are facing. He is already well versed with regards to the status of such topics at both state and local levels. He continues to actively work on these issues as an Ambassador to the office, and continues to advocate & finish the work Representative Miceli had started prior to his untimely passing. It is my distinct impression that he has been and is instrumental in the amount of work Representative Miceli was able to accomplish on behalf of Wilmington. He clearly shares and exhibits the same strong dedication and commitment to our families and communities that were so well seen with our previous Representative. Tewksbury and Wilmington is where he grew up, and is truly his home.

As the Legislative Representative and a Board Member of Wilmington’s School Committee for the past 7 years, I have had the pleasure of seeing David grow and evolve into his role and position of Chief of Staff to Representative Miceli. In addressing those concerns that have the largest impact to our public schools, I have always found David to be very responsive, honest and transparent in his communication between myself and Representative Miceli, as well as, driving action to ensure best possible outcomes for our schools. I know him to be hard working and consistent with follow up of previous discussions and updates.

Well respected and known by other State Legislators for the work he has done and continues to do on behalf of our community, no other candidate running for this seat has that level of experience and knowledge of this position as David does. He is effective in his role and has proven himself with his impressive work and time as Chief of Staff. He’s well acquainted with our local community leaders, our friends, neighbors, and residents, and knows many by their first names. He holds no allegiance to special interest groups and their agendas that risk the quality of life for residents and families. It’s for the future of our towns that he works so diligently in protecting. Dave will continue to advocate in ensuring our communities remain viable and attractive to new families and businesses, and that they benefit from “smart” growth and fiscal stability, without risking the qualities and uniqueness our towns are known for.

It’s for these reasons that I encourage voters to join me in casting their vote for David Robertson in the upcoming September 4th primaries for State Representative.


M.J. Byrnes

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