LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Mike McCoy Is The Best Choice For Our Next State Rep

Dear Editor,

We have a wide-range of candidates to choose from in the upcoming election for State Representative. This is a critical decision point for the residents of Tewksbury and Wilmington. For many years we have been fortunate to receive a world-class level of representation and service from the late Jim Miceli.

Regardless of who is elected they will be hard-pressed to meet the high standards established by Jim. It is in our best interest to choose wisely taking three critical factors into account. Having done this analysis it is my belief that Mike McCoy stands head-and-shoulders above the rest of the pack.

The first of these factors is significant relevant experience. A candidate either has it or he/she doesn’t. Mike has a solid track record of 30 years continuous public service as a member of the planning board and as a Selectman in the Town of Wilmington. He did not do this for fame or fortune. He volunteered his time because he cares. He is a life-long resident of Wilmington. As a successful business owner he can relate to the issues and needs of the business community.

The second factor is a proven track record of responsiveness. Mike has been continuously re-elected for the past 30 years. This did not occur by accident. He has gone the extra-mile to assist hundreds of local individuals and families in their hour-of-need. A critical component of responsiveness is accessibility. Michael has provided his home phone number on his marketing materials. When the residents in my neighborhood had a serious issue Mike volunteered his services and provided us with a lot of sweat equity, hard work and results. You can always see Mike at Market Basket in Tewksbury or Wilmington in oppressive heat, rain or snow to interact face-to-face with the good people in our community. It is his belief that the best way to serve his constituency is to understand their concerns. The best way to do that is listen.

The third factor is the candidate’s platform. In other words what are his or her plans to meet the needs of and provide superior service to the hard working citizens of Tewksbury and Wilmington? Michael McCoy formulated his platform by listening to the people. Some of the planks in his platform include:

  • Providing legislative counter-measures to over-development with special emphasis on condominium development. This is a problem that the residents of Wilmington and Tewksbury can easily relate to.
  • Exploring ways and initiating actions to curb or eliminate unwelcome robo and marketing phone calls. To my knowledge, no other candidate or public has taken on this issue that frustrates each and every one of us on a daily basis.
  • Opposing future legislative pay increases.
  • Imposing the death penalty for people convicted of murdering a first-responder.
  • Opposing “Sanctuary-Cities.”
  • Promising to be your, “Full-Time” Massachusetts State Representative working for you 24/7.

Mike McCoy is clearly your best choice in the upcoming elections. You deserve nothing less than the best.


Gerry Bruno

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