STATE REP RACE Q&A: Pina Prinzivalli Discusses Her Positions On Gun Control, Death Penalty

WILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington Apple is asking weekly questions to the seven candidates running in contested primaries for the Wilmington/Tewksbury State Representative seat (19th Middlesex).

Below, in her own words, are the responses to this week’s questions from candidate Pina Prinzivalli (R-Tewksbury).

#3) What is your interpretation of the 2nd Amendment? When, if ever, should a citizen’s 2nd Amendment rights be curtailed? Do you consider yourself a pro 2ndAmendment candidate? (submitted by Rob Fasulo of Wilmington)  

On May 24, 2018, I pledged that when I elected, I will continue to file Representative James Miceli’s “An Act Relative to Constitutional Rights” bill ( This pledge came less than 24 hours after the latest effort by the Massachusetts legislature to further erode our constitutional rights.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or a Republican or an independent, rights are rights and they’re to be protected by those who take the oath of office to defend the Constitution. And that includes the 2nd Amendment. Mr. Miceli prided himself on standing up for the rights of law abiding gun owners. I am committed to making sure that pride does not end with his passing. I’m pledging to continue filing his bill to make sure our rights are being protected.

“An Act Relative to Constitutional Rights” states:

No county, municipality, township or other community entity within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts may enact, pass or enforce any law, ordinance or regulation concerning the lawful ownership, use, possession, transfer, purchase, receipt or transportation of weapons, antique weapons, ammunition or ammunition components.

The right to keep and bear arms is an individual civil right and shall be presumed to exist in all matters regarding the ownership, use, possession, transfer, purchase, receipt or transportation of weapons, antique weapons, ammunition or ammunition components unless expressly prohibited by the general laws of this Commonwealth.

As it stands right now, a town could try and ban gun ownership. What this legislation would do is prohibit local ordinances or laws regulating firearms and weapons. The bill hasn’t made it out of committee in either session it was filed but I will work to make sure the voices of law abiding gun owners are heard and that our rights are protected.

#4) Do you support capital punishment? When, if ever, should a person convicted of a crime be put to death by its government? Would you support reinstating the death penalty in Massachusetts? (submitted by George Ferdinand of Tewksbury) 

During this current house session, Representative Miceli filed a bill ( to reinstitute the death penalty in Massachusetts. The bill was co-sponsored by Representative Shaunna O’Connell (R-Taunton) who has endorsed my candidacy here in the 19th Middlesex District. If Representative O’Connell continues to file this bill or any other legislator in the future, as it is currently written, I will sign on as a co-sponsor and will vote in favor of. Recently there has been a call to bring back the death penalty for “cop killers.” While I support that as an option at trial, I don’t think it should be limited to just those who have murdered our men and women in uniform. Doing so would create a separate class.

Bonus “Fun” Question: Which town has the best breakfast spots? TEWKSBURY with Donna’s Donuts, Vic’s Waffle House, Perfecto’s, Bradford Lantern, Deli King, Route 38 Café, IHOP, & Cracker Barrel or WILMINGTON with As Good As It Gets, Country Chef, Sunny Side Café, Modash Café, Heav’nly Donuts, Starbucks & Panera Bread? For the record, each town has 8 Dunkin Donuts. 

(NOTE: Do you have a question for the candidates? Email and it may be asked in a future Q&A or in a debate.)

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7 thoughts

  1. Whose answers are these? Prina’s
    or Miceli’s? I’ve heard that this girl has nothing to say of her own and that sure seems to be the case!

  2. I agree with the poster above. This is the same woman who was saying a lot of negative and personal stuff about Rep. Miceli not being able to vote bc he was very ill and now she is trying to ride his coattails?! I thought her campaign plan was to hide behind Geoff Diehl and his racist homophobe buddy Scott Lively? Oh and attack Governor Baker! Now she is pro-Miceli?! I knew she was an empty vessel but wow! A commie and a void in one race!

  3. George, she will get a lot of votes?! Hahahaha. Come on, man. I agree she is nothing more than a stooge and a puppet and has no mind of her own but based on the convos I’ve had and heard, she hasn’t fooled anybody, except herself.

  4. Chris I hope with those you have had convos with support Dave Robertson. But many people will just vote their party and that’s the only reason I believe she will get many votes. Erin Buckley’s campaign is not really catching much support.

    1. George, I have to disagree with you on Erin Buckley’s campaign. I vote GOP and everyone I know see’s Pina for what she is. I assume you vote Dem and that’s cool but you have it dead wrong on what’s going on with Republican voters in town. The Tewksbury RTC’s endorsement says it all. Those people always support losers.

      1. Thanks for the info Chris. That would please me if she beats Pina in the Primary. I’m a blue dog democrat and unless Dave wins I will be running in 2020.

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