STATE REP RACE: Wilmington Selectman Mike McCoy On Death Penalty, Sanctuary Cities & Judge Timothy Feeley

WILMINGTON, MA — Below is a statement from State Rep. candidate Mike McCoy (D-Wilmington) regarding the petition of Representative Jim Lyons to impeach Judge Timothy Feeley:

I never heard of Judge Timothy Feeley until recently.  However, from what I have gathered by reading about him is that he’s far too easy on convicted criminals.  What I read is that he ignored a prosecutor’s request to give a drug dealer jail time because he was simply supporting his family with the money he made from selling drugs and there was a chance he may have been deported.   In my humble opinion, that’s crazy. 

As a sitting member of the Wilmington Board of Selectmen, I requested that our board send a letter to our legislative delegation to be opposed to State Senator Eldridge to file legislation making our state a safe haven for illegal immigrants, especially those who commit heinous crimes to our citizens. 

As a candidate for State Representative, I’m opposed to cities in the state providing safe havens for illegal immigrants.  I did state that we can’t kick out 15-20 million illegal aliens and the federal government needs to address this issue.  However, illegal aliens who commit crimes against our citizens need to be deported.  Don’t get me wrong, there are millions of immigrants that are law abiding and do care for our country like my grandfather who came to this country from Sicily.  For those people, there should be a pathway to citizenship. 

This same judge reduced the bail on John Williams, who was arrested for having, in possession, a firearm.  Judge Feeley reduced his bail and he was set free. Shortly thereafter, John Williams did the unthinkable and killed a deputy in Maine. 

As a candidate for State Representative, I do support capital punishment.  Not only should it apply to those criminals who brutally kill our men and women who are police officers, firefighters, and EMT’s, but also should apply to those who kill any citizen.  If someone rapes and kills a member of my family or your family, the death penalty should apply. 

We need more oversight and better checks and balances in our state government when these violent criminals only get a slap on the wrist. 

I firmly and unequivocally support Representative Jim Lyons’ petition to impeach Judge Feeley.

Thank you,
Michael V. McCoy

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6 thoughts

  1. You just lost my vote…

    >>>However, illegal aliens who commit crimes against our citizens need to be deported. Don’t get me wrong, there are millions of immigrants that are law abiding and do care for our country like my grandfather who came to this country from Sicily. For those people, there should be a pathway to citizenship. <<<

    You equate LEGAL immigrants with illegal aliens.

    There is already a path for citizenship – the illegals can go back to their home country and apply like the 1+ million LEGAL immigrants that this country lets in each year.

  2. To BostonBob: I’m sorry you feel that way. I made an error in my choice of one word. However the overall meaning of my statement is clear enough. I’ll go a step further; the correct terms I should have used are ‘documented’ and ‘undocumented’. I’m sure this mistake won’t be my last. I’m human. Sorry again BostonBob.

    1. The correct terms are legal immigrants and illegal aliens. And I seriously doubt it was an error. Politicians use weasel terms like that all the time.

      Good luck with the illegal alien vote.

      I just wish politicians would be honest (yes I know that is kind of opposite their job description) but if you are going to support illegal aliens come out and be up front with it.

      Some may actually support you for it, that’s their right.

      But grouping in the current illegal aliens with legal immigrants makes me sick.

      My great and great-great grandparents came to this country through legal immigration. They were checked for diseases and for having good moral character and the ability to work and help the country grow and not be leeches and net drains on society.

      Throwing weasel words like undocumented around does a disservice to the million+ legal immigrants who wait in line and are accepted each year.

      When they say that the ones who commit crimes should be deported I laugh because they have already committed a crime by illegally entering the country. When I hear a politician say they are against sanctuary cities but for the rights of ‘undocumented immigrants’ I want to puke.

      Are bank robbers making undocumented withdrawals? Words have specific meanings and I get angry when politicians or others twist words to suit their agendas.

      Be honest and I would appreciate it but I would probably drop dead from shock. Fortunately I doubt either will ever happen.

      1. Bostonbob for 2020. I only support emergency medical treatment for illegal aliens. I think the green card, visa programs and refugee status need to be updated. I support political asylum requests and legal immigration. Have a great day.
        George F

  3. The Eldridge Amendment is absolutely necessary to protect people from the atrocities committed by ICE. In New York they’ve been holding dairy farmers hostage without a warrant because of suspicion of them housing illegals. I get that there may be illegal immigrants but I will not stand for this government tyranny against hardworking Americans. Until they enforce the law in a more justified and civil manner I cannot support any cooperation.

    There are better candidates in this Democratic primary who will actually stand up to attacks on civil liberties and protect our people.

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