STATE REP RACE: Republican Pina Prinzivalli Rallies To Impeach Judge Feeley

TEWKSBURY, MA — The below press release has been issued by State Rep. Candidate Pina Prinzivalli (R-Tewksbury):

[Last] week, Pina Prinzivalli (R-Tewksbury), candidate for State Representative in the 19th Middlesex District, joined Representatives Geoff Diehl (R-Whitman) and Jim Lyons (R-Andover) at a Salem rally in support of HD4822, a resolution seeking to impeach Superior Court Judge Timothy Feeley.

“I believe in standing up for what is right and taking action,” said Prinzivalli. “As soon as the resolution was filed by Representative Lyons, I voiced my support and signed the petition. It’s time we hold judges who endanger our communities and law enforcement accountable.”

Judge Feeley has been at the center of multiple controversies recently. In March, he lowered the bail of John Williams, a 29 year old Maine man, who was released from custody in Massachusetts and is now accused of killing a Maine Sheriff’s Deputy. This month, Judge Feeley gave probation to a career heroin dealer Manuel Soto-Vittini, stating the defendant was only dealing to make money and wanted to protect him from being deported.

“We’re in the middle of an opioid epidemic and the area has been hit hard,” said Prinzivalli. “What does it say to the families who have lost loved ones when a Judge protects a convicted heroin dealer from deportation and sets him free? What does it say to our law enforcement who risk their lives every day when arresting these dangerous criminals? Enough is enough from these activist judges.” 

Over 500 people attended the rally, including parents who lost sons and daughters to heroin and fentanyl overdoses dealt by Soto-Vittini. 36 legislatures have signed onto HD4822. Over 7500 people have signed the online petition:

Impeach Judge Feeley Rally

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