LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Former Selectwoman Endorses Fasulo, Says He Best Understands Residents’ Concerns

Dear Editor,

The voters have 2 choices for Selectman, Rob Fasulo and Jonathan Eaton. I’m with Rob Fasulo. Jonathan seems like a pretty decent guy but he has not articulated an understanding of the issues people are concerned about. Rob has. Rob gets it.

I got to know Rob going door to door in the Ashwood Ave. area regarding the horrible large scale development at Sciarappa’s Farm. He is on the right side of the issues we are facing. He does not support increasing taxes by building new municipal buildings like a Town Hall/School Administrative Building. He supports an opportunity we will never have again to buy Sciarappa’s Farm. This will preserve the character of our town and provide recreational space for future generations. It will also keep our taxes down. Studies have shown protected open space increases property values and keeps taxes down by decreasing town services. Heck the brand new High School is almost at capacity now! Jonathan has remained silent on this important issue.

We all get things change but take a look around. The small town feel is going extinct. Rob is willing to fight for it. I grew up in the city. I know what it is like sitting in traffic jams, the crime, the diminished quality of life. We don’t need more large scale housing projects. We need redevelopment of the commercial sector. And Rob gets all that.

If you care about keeping taxes down, the character of our small town, the quality of life, vote for Rob Fasulo. It is a no brainier for me.

Suzanne Sullivan

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