LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Eaton Is A ‘Bright & Thoughtful Fiscal Conservative,’ An ‘Independent Voice Of Reason’

Dear Editor,

Sometimes it is difficult to make a decision when in the voting booth. Sometimes the difficulty comes in voting for the lesser of two evils and sometimes it comes down to voting for the person whom you think is better qualified. This year we have two good candidates for the position of Board of Selectmen. I know them both personally and if there were two open positions I would certainly give both strong consideration.

My vote this year will go to Jonathan Eaton. Jonathan has proven himself to me to be a bright and thoughtful fiscal conservative. He is a young professional who has served the town for several years on the Finance Committee, donating hundreds of hours of his time helping to review and offer opinions on the budget process for the Annual Town Meeting. As an attorney, he has the business acumen to anticipate legal challenges for the Town, and to be a mediator. As a life long resident of Wilmington, now raising his young family here, he understands the struggles that taxpayers, young and old, are going through.

In a political world that sometimes falls into chaos and name-calling, we can certainly use some decorum. Jonathan is a professional. He is even-tempered, bright and articulate. His background in law will serve him well in sticking to the facts. He has already proven himself as a leader in the community, volunteering and serving as an independent voice on the Finance Committee.  He is a past president of the Wilmington Rotary Club and has been an active member for many years.

I feel very confident in knowing that Jonathan can step into this role immediately, already having a strong understanding of the process of Town Government, and knowing that he will be an independent voice of reason as a member of the Board of Selectmen.  This year, the decision is easy for me.

Chris Neville

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