SCHOOL COMMITTEE NEWS: 5 Things That Happened At Last Week’s Meeting

WILMINGTON, MA — Below are FIVE things that happened at the April 11th Wilmington School Committee Meeting:

#1) DONATION FROM WILMINGTON FIRE DEPARTMENT & BOSTON BRUINS. The School Committee unanimously approved the donation by the Boston Bruins and the Wilmington Fire Department of street hockey equipment with a value of $1,000, as part of their community fitness initiative BFIt, which focuses on providing fitness and dietary education to promote healthier living throughout the community.

The donation is being given to the Shawsheen Elementary School on behalf of Firefighter Charles Taylor and the entire Wilmington Fire Department.  For the second consecutive year, the Wilmington Fire Department raised the most money ($16,000) of any fire department participating in the BFit First Responder Challenger, while Charles Taylor was the highest individual fundraiser ($7,500+).

#2) DONATION FROM WILMINGTON EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION. The School Committee unanimously approved the donation of $2,383.46 – in the form of three curriculum grants – from the Wilmington Educational Foundation. Funded projects include: Unique Learning for Life Skills Curriculum (WMS); Learning in a Whole New Light (North & West); and Yoga & Mindfulness Education & Programming (Shawsheen).

#3) NEARLY CLEAN AUDIT. The School Committee received the audit results from its FY17 End-of-Year Financial Report. The audit was conducted by Roselli, Clark & Associates. It showed only two corrective actions:

  • Civic activities and community services expenditures should be reclassified from Line 3030 to Line 3042. This item has already been corrected.
  • A written agreement between the School Committee and Municipal Officials must be formalized documenting agreed upon methodologies to be used when allocating municipal expenditures to the district. Agreed upon methodologies currently exist, but are not formalized in a written agreement. This item will be corrected in time for the next End of Year Fiscal Report.

#4) STUDENT PRESENTATION. The School Committee heard from three WHS physics students who, in lieu of taking their midterms, each developed and taught a science lesson to a third grade class at the West Intermediate. The Committee also heard from  three third graders about what they learned from the lessons.  The high school students, elementary school students, the involved teachers, and Principal Dennis Shaw found this initiative to be highly successful.

#5) GOOD BYE TO MANNY. School Committee member Manny Mulas opted not to seek re-election when his term expires later this month. Mulas, who has served on the Committee for six years, will be unable to attend the Committee’s April 25 meeting. Mulas was presented with a plaque.

“It’s been an honor. It’s been fun. It’s been interesting,” said Mulas.  “I’ll still be around and will still volunteer for different things. I wish you all the best. Good luck with the next superintendent. Feel free to reach out if you need me for anything.”

NOTE: Wilmington Apple will cover Athletic Director Tim Albert’s report in a separate article.

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4 thoughts

  1. A big thanks to Chuck Taylor who has been a great guy and a tremendous asset to Wilmington. A big thank you to the entire fire department and the Boston Bruins. Chuck Taylor is an example of someone all fire fighters can look up to and learn from. It is amazing what a department can transform into with great leadership. GO BRUINS and GO W.F.D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I just received the response to my public records request for the next superintendent’s salary.
    Key points:
    Salary: $190,000 per year
    Vacation: 4 weeks (10 days can be carried over to the next year?
    Consultant work: He can perform consulting work and receive outside compensation
    Health Insurance: He shall be entitled to participate in the insurance program offered to other town employees.
    Sick leave: Up to twenty days per year ( can carry over to 180 days total)
    Bereavement: 5 days at one time with discretion of School committee for additional time
    Travel allowance: $5,000 for in district travel (NOT SUBJECT TO THE SUBMISSION OF TRAVEL RECEIPTS)
    Personal leave: up to 3 days per year
    Cell phone allowance: He shall receive $1,000 annually
    Compensation for association dues and reimbursement for attending professional workshops.
    Question: Will he be able to teach any professional workshops for our teachers where they can receive credit at no expense to them?
    Do the patriotic people of Wilmington want to put “the people” in charge of democracy?
    This election for the position of Town Moderator will answer that question.
    Kevin MacDonald as Town Moderator will ensure that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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