SELECTMEN NEWS: Water Main Break Leads To $850,000 Replacement Project; Benton Auditorium One Step Closer To Reality; Town Adds To Open Space

WILMINGTON, MA — Below are five highlights from a recent Wilmington Board of Selectmen’s Meeting:

#1) Wilmington DPW Business and Utility Manager Joe Loabo offered an update on an unexpected waterline project. On December 29, 170 feet of 10-inch cast iron, installed in the late 1950s, had a water main break on the underside of the I-93 overpass.

Several years ago, the Water Department had the foresight to install a gate valve in the area, which enabled the DPW to shut down the pipe on each side of the bride. Due to built-in redundancy with the water piping, the town was still able to provide all neighborhood residents with water.

Given its unique location, the town decided to proactively have the piping inspected by a structural engineer.  The engineer recommended the 170 feet of piping be removed as soon as possible.  The piping was swiftly removed by a contractor on January 18 and 19.

As a result, the Town will budget for this water line replacement project in FY19.  The project, estimated at $850,000, will be funded out of the Water Fund. Town Meeting voters will have to approve a borrowing.  The project will likely be tackled at the very beginning of FY19, in July.

#2) Selectmen executed a quitclaim deed for property donated to the Conservation Commission, located off Conley Street (Map 10, Parcel 58) and Staff Road (Map 10, Parcel 59). This 3/4-acre of land will remain open space.  Lovers Brook Runs through the area.  The parcel will link conservation land and potentially provide for a future extension of town trails.

#3) Selectmen approved the request of the School Committee to include an article on the Annual Town Meeting warrant to name the Wilmington High School Auditorium in the memory of late Superintendent Joanne Benton. Selectman Chair Mike Champoux pointed out how Benton was integral in getting a larger auditorium than the Massachusetts School Building Authority’s initially recommended.

#4) Selectmen approved the Wilmington Sons of Italy’s request to conduct an Antique and Collectors Car Show in the Town Common Parking Lot on Saturday, August 18, from 9am to 2pm. … Selectmen also approved the rescheduling of the Sole Sisters Running Club race from Saturday, December 1 to Saturday, December 8, due to a conflict with the Town Tree Lighting.

#5) Selectmen received a letter from Minuteman Services Director Kelly Magee Wright, detailing the services provided to Wilmington residents during Fiscal Year 2017. Specifically, 1,646 residents were served at a value of $1.43 million.  Services provided includes transportation, meals on wheels, in-home care, nursing home screenings, and more.

PLUS: Town Manager Jeff Hull wished Wilmington Police Officer Rafael Cruz a safe return home. Cruz was recently deployed overseas with the 151st Regional Support Group. … Selectman Greg Bendel asked for a future update on the New England Transrail project. … Selectmen Mike Champoux, Kevin Caira, and Ed Loud discussed their experience at the recent Massachusetts Municipal Association Annual Conference.

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One thought

  1. A.) The tax payers are being asked to pay $5,117 per foot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    B.) Why are Town officials asking for a borrowing for a water line replacement if the funds are suppose to come from water funds.
    C.) Are the Selectmen working for or against the people of Wilmington???????? For the banks???
    D.) $870,000 for 170 feet of 10″ pipe? Are they serious?
    E.) Why did the town have to hire a contractor to remove pipe when we have a water department crew?
    I.) ********** The tax payers are being asked to pay $5,117 per foot. ****************
    J.)This is absolutely absurd!!!!!!!!!!!!
    K.) Where is the outrage!!!
    L.) What happened to “government of the people, by the people, for the people” ?
    M.) I wonder if Lincoln after that Gettysburg address could have imagined how debased the Wilmington town officials would become.

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