House of Representatives, Rep. Miceli Take Action Against Dementia, Promote Treatment And Development Of Cures

BOSTON, MA — Representative Miceli and the Massachusetts House of Representatives approved a bill targeting at helping eliminate Alzheimer’s Disease. One of the most challenging and complex neurological disorders faced by modern medicine, H4116 took a series of steps to promote prevention, development of treatment, and support for those afflicted with or affected by the disease.

“Alzheimer’s and dementia are heartbreaking, painful ways to lose a friend, family, or a loved one,” said Representative Miceli. “I know, with Massachusetts’s outstanding bio-tech and pharmaceutical companies, along with our Department of Public Health, Mental Health, and other public experts that we can provide a blow to these awful diseases. Massachusetts is home to great medical institutions, businesses, and universities. If there is a place that dementia and Alzheimer’s can be defeated, it’s here.”

H4416 consists of several key components which would change treatment of dementia patients in the Commonwealth, and promote research to fighting the disorder. One of the largest policy developments within the bill includes the establishing of a policy council, consisting of patient advocates, medical research professionals, public health officials, and statisticians to infer and direct monetary and medical resources more effectively. In addition to promoting and streamlining current efforts, the council is also charged with working with inter-state and federal initiatives regarding research and development of treatments, with the eventual goal being prevention and reversal of dementia treatment.

In addition to looking forward, H4416 also takes steps to address current care and treatment of individuals with dementia-related illness. Immediate changes addressed by the bill include the mandate of doctors taking at least one intensive course in dementia training and identification during their medical certification, as well as that for their support staff. H4416 also mandates the reporting of dementia or Alzheimer’s to legal guardians or family when discovered by a doctor, allowing for such a person to begin to implement legal and medical protections if needed. These steps will be eventually incorporated into required dementia-management and protection programs for every licensed hospital in Massachusetts.

(NOTE: The above press release is from State Rep. Jim Miceli’s Office.)

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