A Message From Board Of Appeals On The Detox Facility Proposal

WILMINGTON, MA — Below is an important message posted on the Town Hall’s website from the Wilmington Board of Appeals regarding Board of Appeals Case 7-18 (362 Middlesex Avenue, Proposed Rehabilitation Facility):

This hearing is scheduled for February 14, 2018. We have received the application
along with a Layout and Materials Plan dated 8/14/2017. Attached are all the
applicable sections on the Wilmington Zoning Bylaws as it pertains to this property and its development. The materials submitted with the application are very
preliminary and the applicant will still need to file with the Planning Board for Site
Plan Review. The attached material will give you some understanding of what is
required by the applicant and must be submitted to each Board before any decisions
can be voted on. Posted on the Board of Appeals website, under Upcoming
Applications for Hearing, is all the materials this office has received from the
applicant as of January 25, 2018. When and if I receive further materials, it will be
available at this office – Room 5 at the Town Hall and I will post it on the Board of
Appeals website.

In order for the Board of Appeals to make an informed decision, the Board prefers
that Site Plan Review is completed and all Departments have made their final

If you have any questions, call the secretary, Toni La Rivee at 978-658-4531 or email

With no Site Plan Review completed or final recommendations submitted by the applicable Town Departments, don’t expect the Board of Appeals to render a decision anytime soon.

Earlier this week, Wilmington Community Television produced a 6-minute video, explaining the Planning Board and Board of Appeals’ roles in this process.

Worth stressing, both boards are guided by the town’s bylaws.  Both take comments and questions from the public, but “the general public generally doesn’t have a final say on whether they want a business in town, as long as [the business] meets the requirements in the bylaws.”

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