LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A Couple Moves To Shady Lane Drive, Week Later Finds Out About Detox Proposal…

Dear Editor,

My wife and I had just moved to Wilmington on September 1st. No less than 6 days after moving into our new home, we found a flyer in our mailbox in regards to the potential detox/rehabilitation facility they want to build in our front yard. We are new residents of Wilmington on Shady Lane Drive. As you know, this intended facility sits in what would be our front yard.

Here we were so happy and excited to be in our new house, just to find out less than a week living here that they want to build a drug rehabilitation facility in our neighborhood.

My wife and I both come from families that suffer from addiction. We both know firsthand what these detox/rehab facilities will bring to our neighborhood.

We see the abundance of children in our neighborhood. We are trying to have children now ourselves. What a complete injustice and tragedy this type of facility could bring to the children and families of this neighborhood.

It’s a complete sin that a handful of the representatives of this fine town that we chose to start our life in are more concerned with greed and ego than representing the citizens and neighborhoods they are supposed to be looking out for and protecting.

As a new citizen of Wilmington, it was extremely disappointing to see where the intentions of my supposed leaders and representatives stand.

I’ve never been one to involve myself in politics and I have never felt the direct need to share my thoughts about it.

Now that I am “forced” to involve myself with politics due to what I feel is a threat to the safety of my family with this potential facility, I must say that my introduction has been appalling.

I would like to think that the people who are working for this town took on their roles to try to make life for the people of Wilmington a better, stronger, safer place. They chose their roles to be a mouthpiece and a responsible source of standing up for the rights of the people of the town. All I have witnessed, up to this point, is a group of people that could care less about what the majority of this town feels and are more concerned with the behind the scenes politics that their roles in government can benefit them.

I hope the Special Town Meeting on December 16th can show these town officials that putting a facility like that in a residential neighborhood is a bad idea and that they should start thinking for the citizens of Wilmington and not themselves.


A Concerned Citizen
Shady Lane Drive

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