LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Resident Responds To Selectman McCoy’s Criticism

The letter below was written in response to a letter published by Selectman Mike McCoy yesterday (“LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Selectman McCoy SLAMS Facebook Commenter For ‘Crossing The Line’ Regarding His Family).

Dear Editor,

Selectman Mike McCoy thinks that people in recovery are “unsavory.” My father celebrates 29 years of sobriety today. McCoy has a stance that he does not want a detox facility to come to Wilmington and has since conceded his stance to infer that his issues are not with a facility, rather the location.

However, Mr. McCoy has publicly called people suffering from addiction “unsavory,” as well as Daniel Veerman using the word “junkies.” McCoy said they would break into our homes and medicine cabinets. McCoy is so out of touch with this issue as his rebuttal to my posts still makes these claims.

I have used the example that there are group/residential homes in the town with patients whom are struggling with mental health issues and or have autism. I said McCoy is a hypocrite if he were to attack detox facilities but not a group home in a residential area. I thought he should understand because he has a son who is Autistic. I felt I could reference that because I have a brother who is Autistic. He claims it is not a mental health issue? I don’t see how my statement is insensitive or not politically correct. If his son had the need for a kidney transplant and he were stopping a dialysis clinic from coming to town, I’d say his son has bad kidneys and if he were to stop another medical facility to help someone else’s son, I’d call him a hypocrite again.

The notion that all addicts are criminals is ludicrous and out right discriminatory. Alcoholics in this town were ok when his establishment served them booze. Today, it’s the opioid crisis. Addicts and alcoholics are people who need politicians like McCoy to put programs together to educate our youth and help the sick and suffering, not waste an estimated $7,000 on a vote that is illegal to begin with.

On November 21, 1988, my father entered Mount Pleasant Detox in Lynn. He has not had a drink since in 29 years. The gift of sobriety is one that my entire family has enjoyed since, including my children. Today, at 75 years old and almost 30 years later, he attends AA regularly and dedicates his life to helping others in sharing his gift. As you said McCoy, don’t you EVER call an alcoholic or addict “criminals, “unsavory” or suggest that all those who lost their way will break in to our homes and our cars. That is fear mongering and it doesn’t seem like it’s working for you.

As many politicians do, you are hanging on to the semantics of my post to spin this around. I challenge McCoy to co-host a fundraiser with me to benefit a non-profit sobriety house of your choice and for the Doug Flutie Foundation (my favorite charity). Our goal would be to raise $7,000 for each charity. The magic number you’re costing the town.

In closing, happy sobriety anniversary to the greatest guy I know my dad Mickey Murphy.

Michael Murphy

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Town Manager Jeff Hull revised his initial estimate for the cost of a Special Town Meeting from $7,000 down to approximately $2,000-$3,000. His initial numbers were based on an Annual Town Meeting expenses.)

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