LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Selectman McCoy SLAMS Facebook Commenter For “Crossing The Line” Regarding His Family

Dear Editor,

Facebook can be a good thing and at times it can be something awful when folks just spew out and have no regard for common decency.  This is why I am responding to Michael Murphy of Wilmington in regards to his post on the Wilmington MA Community Board Page on Facebook, posting date November 9, 2017 at 12:39 a.m.

I state my anger with Mr. Murphy.  Let me say that I was a selectman before I met my wife Danielle to whom I have been married for 26 years and we raised three children here in Wilmington who are all now adults.   My wife and children did not sign up for my political office, but I did.  Every three years I take out nomination papers, run a campaign and it is up to the residents whether I am to sit on the board or not.  I understand this game very well.  You can’t make everyone happy, but you just try your best to do what you believe is good and listen to the people who come to you for help.  I have thick skin.  I can tolerate individuals who have a difference of opinion, agree to disagree and I know when to respond and not to respond.  Well Mr. Murphy, I am responding to you.  On the Wilmington MA Community Board Page on Facebook, you state in your post and I quote “this will seem like a low blow and heartless but Mr. McCoy has a son that has mental health issues.”   What’s amazing to me is that you recognize talking about my autistic son is a low blow, but you did it anyway.  This is one of the most shameful acts I’ve ever seen.

First of all, don’t you EVER talk about my son.  He does not have “mental health issues”.  He is autistic.  He is kind, gentle, hard working, devoted to his family and gets up every morning with no negative attitude toward anyone, unlike yourself.  In the political arena, it is an unwritten rule that spouses and more importantly children never get attacked.  Mentioning my son was lower than low.  You don’t even know the difference between mental health issues and autism.  Obviously by your comments you don’t understand the difference so I won’t bother explaining it to you.  Maybe you should contact the Wilmington Police Department or better yet, look at the crime statistics compiled by the FBI and according to their website look into how many kids with autism are breaking into people’s homes and cars compared with drug addicts breaking into peoples homes and cars.  I dare you to do this.

Now back to me. You continue on to say and I quote your posting again “should I worry about overeaters and will Mr. McCoy attack my fridge and steal my food?  That one I can’t guarantee but I hope not.”  I’ll answer that for you:  should I ever find myself inside your house near your refrigerator I may eat a brownie or a slice of pizza but I guarantee you that I will not be going through your medicine cabinets stealing your prescription meds, nor I will not be stealing your wife’s jewelry or stealing your cash so that I can go out and buy drugs.  Anyone who has lived with or loved a drug addict knows these statements are far too accurate.   Again, I challenge you to contact the Wilmington Police Department and the FBI web page and look at the posted statistics regarding overweight people thefts versus drug related crimes.  I dare you.

For the record, at the Town Meeting I supported the appropriation to hire a full time substance abuse counselor, which is the first in the Merrimack Valley Area.  I went to the first candlelight vigil at the Town Common that was held to honor those who lost their lives to drug addiction. I have NEVER been opposed to a detox center opening up here in Wilmington.  However, I am opposed, as is the good majority of the people in Wilmington are, a detox center being opened in a residential neighborhood.  At the present time, Wilmington Zoning bylaws allow for drug detox facilities to be located in every residential and business zone in the whole town except for a commercially zoned district.  So right now, a drug detox facility with a special permit from the Board of Appeals can open right smack in the middle of any neighborhood in town.  A drug detox center can open up right next to the Shawsheen School in the general business district where Uncle Mickey’s is located as well as in all the residential neighborhoods in the area abutting the school.  You could also put one into the neighborhood business zone where Greg’s Roast Beef is located, including all the neighborhoods that abut the Silver Lake area.  And obviously, it can also be located at 362 Middlesex Ave. and into the neighborhoods consisting of hundreds of homes in the area.  However you cannot currently put a drug detox facility in any of the commercial zoned districts off of Ballardvale Street near Target here in the town of Wilmington.  That makes no sense whatsoever.

One last point regarding your post-you claimed that when I was at Market Basket getting signatures to rezone the detox center, you and I spoke at considerable length.  Mr. Murphy, even after talking with and listening to hundreds of people, I assure you that I would have remembered talking with you based on the ridiculous and outlandish comments you made, but we did not speak.   Several people with whom I spoke told me that they had no issue with the location of the detox center and I told every one of them that I respect that.  I was always kind and nice to people even when we had differing opinions.   One young lady named Kerianne Morris, who stands out in my mind and is also on the Facebook thread to which I am referring said it better than anyone and I encourage you to read her posts.

The first article I proposed was to specifically rezone detox centers and to put them in a commercial zone and take them out of all the other present zones.  In my discussions with residents, many of them in the medical field said that they were opposed to relocating just a detox center to a commercial zone.  What would be more appropriate should be full medical facilities which include hospitals, and of course detox centers, and be under one roof in commercial zones.  After listening to them, I did just that.  That’s when I created the second article.  At the present time any medical facility, or nursing home, is grandfathered at its present location.  I believe this second article that puts everything under one roof is the better and will be the more acceptable article for both sides.  It’s a win-win for the community as a whole.

I encourage every registered Wilmington voter who is passionate about this issue no matter what side you’re on to come to the special town meeting on December 16 at 10:30 a.m. at the Wilmington High School Auditorium.

In closing, Mr. Michael Murphy, do not ever breathe a word about my family again.  I will extend the same courtesy to you.

Selectman Michael V. McCoy

Below is the public Facebook post that Selectman McCoy is referring to:


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