Wilmington Police Officer Michael Johnson Honored At State House For Off-Duty Bravery

WILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington Police Officer Michael Johnson was honored by the Massachusetts State Police at the State House on November 9, 2017.

Below is information provided by the State Police:

On the night of May 7, 2017, Massachusetts State Trooper Mark Delaney was working a paid detail protecting a road construction crew on Route 95 in Burlington. While in the process of closing the left lanes, Trooper Delaney observed a vehicle in the left lane approaching the construction zone at a high rate of speed. At that point, Trooper Delaney’s cruiser was stationary, blocking the two left lanes with several construction workers in front of him. Trooper Delaney and his cruiser were the only protection the workers had from the rapidly approaching vehicle.

Intent on protecting the work crew, Trooper Delaney maintained his position as the vehicle approached. The vehicle struck the rear of his cruiser, causing significant damage to both vehicles and causing Trooper Delaney to suffer a bone fracture to his lower leg and a knee injury. Despite his injuries, Trooper Delaney got out of his damaged cruiser to provide medical aid to the other motorist. The other motorist, however, began to drive away from the crash. Trooper Delaney, with a fractured leg and injured knee, pursued the suspect vehicle on foot.

As that was happening, an off-duty Wilmington Police Officer, Michael Johnson, was driving nearby. He stopped to render aid when he saw the crash. Officer Trooper assisted Trooper Delaney in apprehending the suspect, who damaged vehicle had stalled. The suspect was charged with operating under the influence of alcohol, among other offenses. 

For his selfless actions and dedication, while off-duty, to assisting another law enforcement officer, Wilmington Officer Michael Johnson is hereby commended in Personnel Orders and awarded the Massachusetts State Police Superintendent’s Commendation.

For his bravery and dedication, while in the performance of his duties, all while ignoring his own injuries, Trooper Mark F. Delaney is hereby commended in Personnel Orders and awarded the Massachusetts State Police Medal of Valor.

Officer Michael Johnson
Wilmington Police Chief Michael Begonis (left), Officer Michael Johnson (center), and Wilmington Police Lt. Chief Joseph Desmond (right) at State House Ceremony

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