Stronger Together: From Mental Illness To Mental Wellness with Jack Travis

BOSTON, MA — After battling a series of lifelong mental health issues, Jack Travis went from being in and out of mental hospitals to living a happy life in less than a year. As a mental health advocate and a newly published author, his goal is to guide others along the path he had to take to recover. He started his journey on Twitter and other social media platforms, and he invites others to join him on his journey.

Jack Travis is a mental health advocate, an author, a modern day philosopher, and a millennial entrepreneur. He struggled with many life-long mental illnesses as a result of abuse and other traumatic experiences. With his journey he started through social media, his goal is to teach other people how to overcome their struggles and find happiness in life. Jack is working on becoming a motivational speaker, and he wishes to encourage others to join him on his journey because we are truly stronger together.

“I spent years living in a dark place with a negative outlook on life; I hated myself, and I did not feel worthy or like I mattered to anyone because of how I was treated by most people. It was as if my eyes were not only open to the bad, but also closed to the good. Once I started getting the help I needed, and making positive changes in my life, I was able to overcome my struggles. Going through the process of healing and recovery taught me a lot, and now my goal is to help others with what I’ve learned and what I’ve discovered. We’re all limited to our own knowledge, so we must be willing to broaden our horizons, learn from credible sources, and discover happier and healthier ways of life than what we are used to. After all, the harder we fall, the higher we can rise.” – Jack Travis

In Starting Point: Your Journey To A Better Life Starts Here, Jack Travis not only talks about his personal journey with recovering from mental illness, but also invites others to join him on his journey and offers to teach them how to overcome their struggles. The goal of this book is to help guide people to a better life, and give them the tools they may not have in order to get better. Jack spent years working with different professionals and mentors to not only learn what he knows, but also to get the guidance and support he needed to overcome his illnesses. In addition to that, Jack also shares the many techniques, theories, methods, and strategies he developed and used to help him overcome his struggles. Jack’s methods and strategies help to complement the support and treatment he receives for his illnesses, and he shares them all. Learn how to work through your struggles and join Jack on his journey!

Be one of the first to get a copy of Jack’s new book! Now available on Amazon or through his website.

Jack Travis Book cover image (Photography By Paul Oliver Photography)
Photo Credit: Paul Oliver Photography

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