Wilmington 3rd & 8th Graders Encouraged To Enter Poster & Essay Contests

BOSTON, MA — The Town of Wilmington/Wilmington Public Schools was recently chosen by the Massachusetts Municipal Association as one of over 100 communities to participate in its annual statewide contests for third and eighth grade students attending public school.

The Town of Wilmington/Wilmington Public School’s eighth-graders are asked to share their hometown visions by choosing a political or community issue affecting young people and deciding what they would do to bring positive change to the issue. Third-grade students are asked to design a poster highlighting the municipal service of their choice.

“We are truly excited by this opportunity to learn how our young people would lead our community,” said Town Manager Jeff Hull and Interim Superintendent Paul Ruggiero. “We are pleased to be partnering with our schools to encourage our students to take part and learn more about what local government does every day to make our community a better place.”

Entries are now being accepted for the MMA’s 3rd Grade Poster Contest and 8th Grade Essay Contest.

The contests encourage the future leaders of the state to reflect on the role of key elected officials and municipal activities.

At a time when cities and towns increasingly find it difficult to fill important positions on volunteer boards or reach quorums for town meetings, the contests seek to expand knowledge of local government and instill an interest in civic participation at a young age, leading to a more informed constituency and greater engagement with residents.

Municipal associations across the country report that student participation in similar contests is greater in communities where local officials have been in direct contact with schools. Winners usually come from classes where local officials have visited and discussed municipal government.

Contest materials have been mailed to communities that filled out commitment forms before the Aug. 23 deadline. However, teachers, students and local officials from any city or town can download relevant materials below.

The contest deadline is Nov. 10. Essays and posters can be mailed by teachers or students to: MMA Essay/Poster Contest, 1 Winthrop Square, Boston, MA 02110.

Participation is open to every third grade and eighth grade student enrolled in a Massachusetts public school.

If you have any questions, please contact our contest coordinator, Vanessa Calaban, at (617) 426-7272, ext. 121, or vcalaban@mma.org.

• Grade 3 Poster Contest Guidelines
• Grade 8 Poster Contest Guidelines
• Town of Wilmington Statement

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