Wilmington Little League’s Latest Game Summaries

WILMINGTON, MA — Below is a recent Wilmington Little League game summary.

AARoyals vs. Astros — Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Double-A Royals and Astros played an exciting game on April 29th. The Royals got off to a fast start as Jake Carr had FIVE RBIs in all. Luke Kitanov, Timmy Watson, and Dante McCollum played well in field, making both routine and outstanding plays. Joey Cavanaugh struck out four in two excellent innings pitched. For the Astros, Erin McCarthy had two singles & two doubles at the plate as well as 4 strikeouts in two innings on the mound. Quinn Stockman struck out two and Joey Fennelly struck out four while throwing heat as well. Many other players contributed hits including James Passerini, Mikey Taylor, Evan Cummings, Joey Fennelly, and John Roofe. McCarthy, Passerini, Cummings, Fennelly, Roofe, Chris DeFilippo, and Justin Fricia were among many playing steady and alert defense. DeFilippo made solid contact and drove in an important run during a furious last-inning comeback while Kevin Pruslin and Kyle Bridge also got on base and scored during the exciting final frame. Fricia added a booming double to drive in the final runs.

Wilmington Little League

(NOTE: Summaries provided by the Wilmington Little League.)

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