SCHOOL COMMITTEE RACE: Musikar-Rosner Makes Her Closing Argument

WILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington Apple recently provided all six Wilmington School Committee candidates with one last opportunity to convince Wilmington Apple readers to support them at the ballot box this Saturday, April 22.

Below is the response from candidate Rhonda Musikar-Rosner.

Rhonda Musikar-Rosner

QUESTION: Make your closing argument. Why should Wilmington voters cast one of their two votes for you?


If you had a chance to look at my webpage on Facebook, my theme is:  It takes teamwork.  A great school district is only the sum of all it parts.  The School Committee is one part of the equation but there are many more that include the parents, the students, the teachers, the administrators and the Superintendent.  Being a member of the School Committee means being able to work with all these parts as a team towards a common goal.  This goal is to make Wilmington Schools a place that fosters a life-long love of learning in a safe caring environment.  As a parent, community member and educator I would like to see all students reach their potential as learners and productive members of the Wilmington Community.

I would like to the opportunity to bring a new perspective to the School Community.  I have been a Public School Employee in the same district since 1993.  My job as a school counselor has given me the opportunity to work directly with children from grades kindergarten through 12th grade. My job is all about teamwork, working with teachers, parents, administrators to ensure that not only my students’ social emotional needs are met but that they are able to access the curriculum.   I have seen firsthand the difference in a child’s life when they a teachers or staff member that they formed connections.  Working in the public schools I have learned the importance of hiring qualified teachers along with qualified administrators that can not only teach the curriculum, identify children’s social emotional needs and promote a love of learning.

I have had training throughout my career in Special Education. I have attended numerous meetings to determine eligibility for Individual Education Plans, yearly reviews and progress meeting every year.  As part of my job, I write IEP goals and objectives as well as behavioral plans for students who are experiencing difficulties in school settings.  As a Public School employee I have been trained in the administration of the SBIRT survey (screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment) which addresses the spectrum of unhealthy drug and alcohol use starting in middle school. This is a tool that serves as a preventive as well as intervention resource that is required of all Massachusetts school districts.  As educations we are required to continuously take classes and are encouraged to share our knowledge amongst our fellow staff members.  Educator today has to be trained in social emotional issues (bullying, drug prevention and intervention) as well as the common core curriculum.

If elected I plan on bringing with the perspective of a parent who has children in three different Wilmington Schools.  I would like to work as a team with school committee members, Administrators, teachers and families to find a more suitable, realistic homework policy that is consistent throughout the school district.  To look at ways we can provide more support at the middle school level.  For Wilmington to be the district those families come to because of its reputation for the excellent well-rounded education our schools provide.

Over the past year we have lost several directors in our district. If you ever attended the STEM fair with your child you would realize just how talented and dedicated Mrs. Ippolito is to education. This is a huge loss to our school system. Every year this fair is packed to the point you can hardly move. Children came out with a thirst for knowledge in this area due to the activities and vendors that attend the fair. How is it that Wilmington now has a need for a new Superintendent, A middle school principal, a director of Special Education and various teaching positions? Did you know that if you go to, Wilmington Ma schools have a B average due to the ratings of our teachers, college readiness and resources? While towns that border Wilmington such as Andover and Reading are rated A’s in all areas except diversity. I believe we are at a pivotal time in our school system. It is so important that as a team we all work together to hire a Superintendent that will bring us up to an A in all areas of niche. It is the Superintendent’s job to lead and to hire qualified talented educators, principals that will look at the curriculum and make the necessary changes. We need to put a clause in his or her contract saying that if there is not progress in fixing the areas in our schools that need improvement, he or she will not be rehired. These changes need to occur so that our children will be prepared for college or the career they chose post graduate. As a community I believe the first steps are to elect two new members to the school committee this election. My sixth grader recently learned about revolution and that it means a “sweeping change” in history. It’s time to start a revolution in our school system.

In closing, I am running with six uniquely qualified individuals for two seats.  Each one of us brings their own perspective and experience.  It is up to our community to come together and vote on April 22nd for the people they feel will serve in the best interest of our school system. I am a firm believer in teamwork.  If given your vote, you would be electing me to work on a team that would focus on making Wilmington Schools a school system that is known for its dedicated staff who fosters students with a life-long passion for learning.

Thank you,

Rhonda Musikar-Rosner

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