LETTER TO THE EDITOR: An Endorsement For McCoy From The Person Who Knows Him Best

Dear Editor

Through you, I would like to convey to the Wilmington residents my firsthand knowledge of selectman candidate Michael McCoy. My name is Danielle McCoy and I have been blessed to be Mrs. Michael McCoy for nearly 26 years. As a husband and father, Michael is unwaveringly supportive, generous, loving, patient and just overall wonderful. He and I work together as a team to make life for our kids the best it can be. Though I could go on about who he is as a loving family man, I’d like to share with you my observations from living with your selectman of 27 years.

Michael McCoy is a fierce defender of the Wilmington residents and fights for what they hold dear when no one else will. He cares about each and every one of you and that is demonstrated with every phone call made to our house where people will call with concerns or issues about something in town and come to Michael for help. He’s the guy residents turn to when they feel they’ve been treated unfairly and need him to intervene in some way to get resolution and he doesn’t stop until the issue gets resolved.

In his day to day life, I can honestly say that you as Wilmington residents are on Michael’s mind frequently. He is constantly thinking about ways to make our town better, how to ease excess financial burdens for the taxpayers and is vigilant in watching out for people who may try to change the quality of life for us and calls them out when he sees something fishy going on behind the scenes. You see, Michael doesn’t argue for the sake of arguing but when something is wrong and it affects our town and the residents, he expects people to take responsibility for their actions. Michael does not lie to anyone about anything. You can take every word he says as truth.

There is a particular group of people in town who Michael holds particularly near and dear to his heart and those people are our seniors. In every vote he makes, his decision is based on how it will affect the seniors in our community. He takes into consideration especially those who rely only on their social security checks every month and is worried about the future of those on a fixed income. To that group of people, I say to you that Michael may be only one vote on the board but I promise you, he’ll fight with every ounce of energy he has to help keep you folks here in town.

During this election season, many of you saw Michael standing alone holding a sign in different parts of town. He stands alone not because he can’t get anyone to help, but he chooses to do things on his own. He doesn’t ask people to write letters to the editor on his behalf because he feels his words and actions speak for themselves and he doesn’t need to plant insincere endorsements from anyone to make himself appear more popular. True to form, he didn’t ask me to write this letter to you; I insisted on writing it because I feel it’s important you know who Michael McCoy is as a person and not just a politician.

In closing, I want to say that Michael McCoy is a good man who lives his day to day life with integrity, truth and kindness. As a selectman, he makes votes from his own mind and conscience and the people who guide his decisions are you, the residents. The one and only man he takes directions from is the one he sees in the mirror every morning. There is no one who cares about the residents and this town more than Michael and if you reelect him to the board of selectmen, he will continue forth with your best interests at heart.

Kindest regards to you all,
Danielle McCoy

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