CANDIDATE STATEMENT: Wilmington Board of Selectmen Candidate Mike McCoy

WILMINGTON, MA — Below is a Candidate Statement from Selectman Mike McCoy, who is seeking re-election on April 22:

It is with great honor that I formally announce my candidacy for reelection for the office of the Wilmington Board of Selectmen.  Once again, I choose to offer myself for this office with the clear vision of how I believe Wilmington should proceed in the years to come.

Here’s a little background about myself;  I am 58 years old and have lived in Wilmington for all of those 58 years.  I am a graduate of the Wilmington public schools.  Upon graduation from Wilmington High School, I went straight to college, worked several jobs to pay my own tuition and at the end, I earned three college degrees; one of them being a master’s degree in criminal justice.  Not only do I believe I am educationally qualified for the job of selectman, my heart and roots run deep in this community.  As a kid I played in little league, Wilmington Rec. basketball, the Scouts (which my Mom was a den mother), I was an altar boy at St. Thomas Church serving with the original priests of St. Thomas–Father Croake and Father Mackin, and through it all I was a paper boy.  I did all the good things as our kids do today.

I’ve worked in restaurants since I was a teenager and loaded truck with Local 25 as a spare.  I was fortunate enough to open Michael’s Place Restaurant in 1984, which had always been a dream of mine.   After 31 wonderful and successful years, I sold it in February of 2015.  My wife Danielle and I deeply miss all of our customers and will be eternally grateful to all of them for all of the years of friendship and patronage.  When I first opened my restaurant, I always had my community in mind.  I did my best to give back as much as I received and donated as generously as I could to several deserving organizations in town.  Over the years, we donated over 3000 pizzas to the Wilmington Food Pantry alone.  We also donated to the various sports organizations, local churches, senior activities, just to name a few.  Over 31 years as the original owner of Michael’s Place, we gave tens of thousands of dollars to these organizations and it was just a way to say thanks to them for all the good work they’re doing to help make our community a great place to live.

In 1991, I married Danielle who many of you already know.  We raised three fantastic kids who went to the same schools as I did right here in Wilmington.  For many years, our family worked together at Michael’s Place.  Danielle was the first face many of you saw when coming in to get food on a Friday or Saturday night, and she was in charge of everything to do with customers while I worked the back taking care of making sure the food was just right.  We made a great team and worked well together.

Being a current homeowner and a former business owner, like all of you I understand the struggles of maintaining a budget.  When it comes to the town budget of $108 million, I view that just as I do my own personal budget.  While it may seem like a lot of money, we still need to be careful how we spend our hard earned tax dollars.   Many of you have heard me use the phrase “there is no magic credit card” and that’s something I will always keep in mind when voting on anything to do with spending tax dollars.  I have always been a fiscal conservative in spending our tax dollars.  However, when there is a justified need to support a cause like opening a new high school, I was there to support it.  We need to give our kids and grand kids all the tools they need to make it in our world.  In the Town of Wilmington, there are no school bus transportation fees, no trash fees and no sports fees unlike some communities that charge for those services.  I will continue to fight to make sure that the people in our community continue to get the goods and services they have come to expect with no user fees.

Two major issues I’ve worked on as your selectmen are New England Transrail and the opening of the New Boston Street Bridge.  On October 25, 2016, at a public hearing right here in Wilmington at the Middle School, I was the only selectman to speak out against the opening of New England Transrail on the Olin site before the Federal agency known as the Surface Transportation Board which oversees Transrail in this country.   Additionally, on February 1, 2017, at a public hearing in Woburn City Hall, I was the only selectman there and also spoke in opposition to allow the opening of the New Boston Street Bridge at the end of Woburn Street in Wilmington.  Unfortunately, if this bridge does open, it will make it easier for New England Transrail to open for business here in Wilmington.

I believe that one of the most important qualities a selectman can possess is to be in tune with constituent need.  I’ve done that for thirty years as a local official and 27 of those years as an elected member of the Wilmington Board of Selectmen.  I’ve returned every single call placed to me and whenever an individual wanted to meet with me, I have always made the time and made it happen.  One of the things I am most proud about in being selectman is that I am accessible.  There is nothing too small or too big for me to address.

I have proudly given our town 30 years of my life to public service.  Every vote that I have ever made has been in the best interest of the town of Wilmington and the people who live here.  I am willing to work with anyone if their sole interest is also in the best interest of our residents. What I ask in return is for you to give me 30 minutes of your time to go out and cast a vote for me on Saturday April 22, 2017.  If you find yourself unable to be at the polls on that day, you can cast an absentee ballot in the Town Clerk’s office at the Town Hall from now until Friday, April 21, 2017 at 12:00 p.m.

In closing, I believe that together we can ensure a quality of life for ourselves and our children benefitting all those who care about our community.  This is my goal and pledge to you as your selectman.  If you reelect me, I will not let you down.  I am not part of any political clique.  I don’t seek endorsements from the who’s who of Wilmington politics leaving me free to cast votes from my own conscience in the best interest of the residents.  Additionally, I’ve never taken a single penny as a campaign donation from anyone.  I’ve self-supported all of my own campaigns and it will always be that way.  The only endorsement that matters to me is yours, the Wilmington voter.

Thank you,

Mike V. McCoy
Wilmington Selectman

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