Cool It With The Clowns: Principal Speaks Out, Police Called Over Sighting

WILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington Middle School Principal Amy Gerade issued the following statement to parents last week regarding the nationwide clown scare that has come to Wilmington:

“It has come to my attention that some of our students are concerned with the current flood of hoaxes, rumors, and reports in the media regarding groups of people dressed as clowns luring children into the woods or making threats to do harm. I have made our school resource officer aware of the students concerns. Please note that the Wilmington Police have assured the administration, faculty and support staff that there is no validity to any of these rumors impacting our school community and the community at large. We ask that parents / guardians closely monitor student use of social media sites in relation to this topic. Wilmington Middle School students are welcomed to check-in in with their teachers, guidance counselors and staff if they have any questions regarding this issue. Thank you for your ongoing support…”

False Alarm In Wilmington?

According to the Wilmington Police Log, police received a call last Wednesday night at 7:58pm from a resident claiming to have possibly seen a clown walking on Shawsheen Avenue.

Police responded and found a juvenile in the Shawsheen School parking lot.  The boy was not dressed as a clown.  He was, however, wearing a banana costume.  He claimed he had just left a costume party.  He was advised to remove the costume and head home.

Soon thereafter, dispatch received a call regarding a large group of youths screaming on the Shawsheen Avenue soccer fields.  Police returned and observed approximately 15 youths chasing the juvenile in the banana costume through the woods.  Police followed up and ensured that the juvenile did arrive home safely.

According to some of the youths involved in the incident, the banana costume looked more like a clown costume and the juvenile had a clown mask with him.

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