Town Announces Beach Rules For Summer 2015, Open June 13-August 16

Planning on going to Town Beach this summer?  Make sure you know the rules!  The Wilmington Recreation Department posted them online yesterday.  Read the rules, posted by below and HERE.

Silver Lake – Beach Rules 2015

The public beach at Silver Lake provides our finest natural recreational resource. Town Beach will be open daily from Saturday, June 13 through Sunday, August 16, 2015. Qualified lifeguards supervise the facility from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily (weather permitting).

The use of Town Beach is free for Wilmington Residents. Proof of residency (a driver’s license with a Wilmington address, a student school picture ID, or a current tax bill accompanied by picture ID) is required for free admission.

RATES FOR NON-RESIDENTS: Non-residents can purchase a day pass for $10 per person (ages 3 and over) at the Town Beach each day from June 13 to August 16.

BEACH RULES (Non-adherence may result in loss of beach privileges and/or fines)

* No alcoholic beverages allowed on Town property
* Feeding of water fowl prohibited on Town property
* No littering; carry in/carry out policy in effect
* No disorderly conduct on Town property
* Smoking is prohibited at the Silver Lake Recreation Area
* No dogs on beaches or Town property adjacent to the water from May 1 – October 1
* No barbecues or cooking on beaches or Town property adjacent to the water
* No refunds can be given for purchase of daily admission for any reason
* No glass containers allowed on the beach
* Flotation devices of any type are prohibited
* Children under 14 must be accompanied by and supervised by an adult at all times
* Infants wearing diapers must wear protective rubber pants or Swimmies diapers in the water
* No washing of infants in the water
* Launching personal watercraft from the beach is prohibited
* No hanging on or swimming beyond the ropes

One thought

  1. The $10PP rule for anyone not a Wilmington resident will make for a quiet trouble free summer at the beach. Thank you!

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