LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Leigh Martinson Is An ‘Exemplary’ Candidate For Town Moderator

Dear Editor,

With our upcoming town elections, there will be much debate on which candidate your vote will go to for many positions. I offer my support to Leigh Martinson for Town Moderator. I believe both candidates for Town Moderator to be good people who wish to help their town. My own personal experience leads me, and my family, to support Leigh Martinson for this position.

I have known Leigh for several years and have worked with him both on the Board of Directors for Wilmington’s Youth Hockey program as well as in the coaching ranks for town hockey. I can speak from experience that Leigh’s passion, organization, thoughtfulness, knowledge, and integrity make him an exemplary candidate for the position of Town Moderator.

In my years of coaching with Leigh Martinson he has always demonstrated great care in his approach towards teaching the children. He believes that being prepared brings out the best in those we are charged with leading. His calm and measured demeanor lends itself, not only to coaching, but to the position of Town Moderator in that he has consistently shown having a clear understanding of a situation and seeing all aspects of how to work through solutions can accomplish the job in fine fashion.

Leigh Martinson exemplifies a deliberate, well thought out, common sense approach to problem-solving and leadership and as such it is without hesitation or reservation that I wholeheartedly support Mr. Martinson’s candidacy for Town Moderator and encourage you to do the same.


Tom Dalton

Leigh Martinson Sign

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