Wilmington’s Sole Sisters Running Club To Offer “Run Your First 5K” Program

(The below announcement — re-written in parts– was provided by the Sole Sisters Running Club)

WILMINGTON, MA – Do you ever see other women running and wish that could be you, but you just don’t know where to begin?  Maybe you are embarrassed to go out there and hit the pavement alone?  Have you taken a few years off from exercising or running and just don’t know how to get back into it?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the Sole Sisters Running Club’s “Run Your 1st 5K” program is for you!

This 8-week program, which begins Tuesday, April 14 at 6:30pm in Wilmington, will start you out on your fitness journey, from alternating between walking and running short distances and working your way up to running 3.1 miles!

To participate in the program, one must first become a member of the Sole Sisters Running Club.  The membership fee is only $25.  Sign up HERE.

Once you’re a member, email Laura Mahoney at laura.mahoney55@gmail.com with “Run Your 1st 5K program” in the subject line and your name and telephone number in the email.  You’ll receive a confirmation email with additional details on the program.

The program promises to not only help you accomplish your goal of running a 5K, but it will also allow you to make some amazing friends in the process.

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