Town Launching Public Outreach Campaign On Automated Trash & Recycling Program

(The following notice was emailed out on the town’s ‘news and notice’ email distribution list this afternoon.)


The Town is preparing to launch its public outreach effort to explain, demonstrate, and answer questions about the new Automated Trash & Recycling program.  The Automated Trash & Recycling program is modeled on other automated collection programs implemented throughout the state, has been proven to reduce the amount of recyclables put into the trash stream, which will help contain costs and provide environmental benefits for the Town.

To help residents prepare for the new program and understand the changes involved the Town, through the DPW, will be launching a town wide public outreach effort.  The outreach will include mailings, presentations, demonstrations, and informational programming on WCTV, all with the goal of ensuring residents are ready for the switch to Automated this summer.

Here’s what residents will see over the next few months:


Each household will receive via mail informational material notifying them of the new automated Trash & Recycling program roll-out. Included in the mailings will be postcards and booklets outlining all the details of how it works and what to expect.  Mailings will begin in April and continue until the program roll-out is complete.


The DPW and solid waste collection contractor, Russell Disposal, will be visiting with different groups throughout town to present the program and demonstrate how the trash and recycling carts work.  The first presentation has been scheduled for the Senior Center.

  • Automated Trash & Recycling Program Presentation, Buzzell Senior Center, Thursday, April 30, 1PM

Presentations are also being scheduled with the schools, dates to be coordinated with the School Department.


Sample carts (barrels and bins for trash and recycling) will be available at various Town events and buildings so residents can test them out. The sample carts represent the sizes that will be distributed to each household receiving municipal trash and recycling collection.  The 95 gallon cart will be for recycling, and the 64 gallon cart will be for trash.  Sample carts will be placed at:

  • Entrance hallway at Town Hall, available now through roll-out
  • All polling Stations for the Town Election, Saturday, April 25
  • The Welcome to Wilmington Reception at the Memorial Library, Thursday, April 30, 6:30PM – 8:30PM.
  • Check In Area at the Annual Town Meeting, at the High School, Saturday, May 2, 10:30AM


An informational presentation is being planned for airing on WCTV.  Scheduled airing date to be announced as the details are finalized.

For Frequently Asked Questions and additional information about the program click here.  This will be updated as the details continue to be finalized.

More information will be available as additional details of the outreach and collection program are finalized.  Check the DPW page by clicking here for ongoing updates.  For more information contact the Department of Public Works at 978-658-4481.

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