Wilmington Middle School Drama Club Presents ‘High School Musical,’ 3/26-3/28

WILMINGTON, MA — Move over, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashely Tisdale!  Wilmington has found its own Troy, Gabriella and Sharpay!

The Wilmington Middle School Drama Club presents its spring musical, Disney’s “High School Musical,” this Thursday, March 26 (7pm); Friday, March 27 (7pm); and Saturday, March 28 (2pm) in the Wilmington Middle School Auditorium.

Tickets cost $10 for adults and $7 for seniors and children (12 and under).  Tickets can be purchased at the door (pending availability) or reserved in advance by emailing director Diana Kole at diana.kole@wpsk12.com.

Good luck to the entire cast & crew.  According to event’s Facebook page, they are:

The Jocks:
Troy Bolton: Aidan Briere
Chad Danforth: Brian Dankese
Zeke Baylor: Andrew Days
Jason: Ethan Karnesky
Brody: David Woltag

Brittany S., captain of the squad: Marisa Jackson
Brittany P., co-captain of the squad: Tatiana DeOliveira
Tiffany: Jess Stevens
Kristy: Sam Beauregard
Jessy: Jessie Daniliuk
Chrissy: Nina Koester
Jenni: Caroline Rooney
Kelli: Siobhan Murphy

The Thespians:
Sharpay Evans: Maura Sullivan
Ryan Evans: Josh D’Angelo
Kelsi Neilson: Kali Patterson
James Parker: Jared Benoit
Susan: Courtney Cummings
Cathy: Skylar Smith
Alan: Chris Wong

Thespian Ensemble:
Feather: Amber Flynn
Cloud: Kayla Hickey
Storm: Christian Bolanos
Tulip: Allison Moody
Winter: Ashley MacGilvray
Autumn: Adele Jones
Summer: Hannah Parr
Spring: Ally Buckley

The Brainiacs:
Gabriella Montez: Abby Callahan
Taylor McKessie: Kaitlyn Sullivan
Martha Cox: Eliza Stuart
Kratnoff: Kayla Blonigen

Brainiac Ensemble:
Bronwyn: Madeleine Matzke
Darcy: Ashley Dankese
Kendall: Cora MacGregor
Serena: Evy Miller-Nuzzo
Zadie: Miriam Nelson
Hillary: Alessia Puccio

Sk8er Dudettes:
Ripper (Head of the Sk8er Dudettes): Abby Ploof
Mongo (Ripper’s Sidekick): Allie MacDonough-Padden
Roxie: Leila McLaren
Oakley: Ela Karnesky
Starla: Sarah Cheney
Montana: Hannah LaVita
Ace: Meghan Consorti
Shiva: Madison Beatty
Dez: Mileyna Acevedo
Lexx: Emma Ryan
Kiki: Abby Perry

Jacqueline “Jaq” Scott: Simran Johar
Zoe/Karaoke MC/Decathalon Moderator: Ryann Walsh

The Adults:
Ms. Darbus, the drama teacher: Savannah Andersen
Coach Bolton: Anthony Bowker
Ms. Tenny, the chem teacher: Gianna Misuaraca

Adult Ensemble:
Mrs. DeLuca, the math teacher: Hannah Callahan
Miss Roberts, the english teacher: Sarah Obeng
Mrs. Fitzgerald, the history teacher: Emma DeZan
Ms. Braverman, the guidance counselor: Mackenzie Quinton
Miss Foxx, the librarian: Grace Foley
Mrs. Quinn, the biology teacher: Cara Wong

The Production Team:
Artistic Director & Choreographer: Ms. De Kole
Assistant Director & Production Coordinator: Ms. Sarah Perkins
Music Director: Mr. John Eldridge
Technical Director & Set Designer: Mr. John DiPerna
Assistant Choreographer: Kelly Dankese
Stage Manager: Emily Burke
Assistant Stage Manager: Shannon Smith
Lighting Designer: Jordan Briere
Sound Designer: Elizabeth Harvey

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