Learn How To Help Your Child Cope With Anxiety At Upcoming WPS Workshop

WILMINGTON, MA – Are you the parent of a student who is affected by anxiety in school?

On Thursday, March 26 at 6:30pm in the Wilmington High School Library (159 Church Street), Wilmington school psychologists Breien Milton, Amanda Scott and Marissa Bellio will hold a workshop to discuss the topic of anxiety in children and teens.

According to the event flyer, “many students experience some form and/or degree of anxiety during their school years.  In many situations, anxiety cannot always be seen or easily identified.  Moreover, in a typical classroom setting, it is much easier to overlook, under-identify or treat students with anxiety ineffectively.  Children and adolescents who experience anxiety often suffer alone.  They may face challenges quietly and fail to seek help from either parents or teachers.  As a result, both well-being and classroom performance are adversely impacted.”

The workshop, which does not require any sort of registration, is sponsored by the Wilmington Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC).   The Wilmington SEPAC provides education and support to parents, school personnel and the broader community on special education issues and services.  Learn more about the group HERE.

Got a question about the event?  Email the SEPAC at SEPAC@wpsk12.com.

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