**UPDATE** Ethan Did Not Win A Bike, But You Can Help Him Get One

WILMINGTON, MA — On Monday, Wilmington Apple shared this story about Ethan Gentry’s family trying to win the very special Wilmington boy an adaptive bike. Wilmington responded, widely sharing the article and/or contest link, helping raise Ethan’s vote total by more than 400 votes in the final 48 hours.

And now we’ve got some good news and some bad news.

The bad news? Despite receiving more than 750 votes, Ethan did not win a bike through the ‘Great Bike Giveaway’ contest.

The good news? Ethan’s foundation set up an online giving page HERE so Ethan can still receive the bike.

On Thursday night, the Ethan Gentry Foundation Facebook page posted, “We didn’t win the contest, but we are hoping to still get the bike for Ethan.  Thank you for everyone’s continued support.”

As of Saturday at 7am, $911 of the $1,400 goal has already been raised.  If you’d like to contribute, here is the link again to the ‘YouCaring’ donation page.

NOTE: I realize there’s at least two other Wilmington children who entered the contest and did not receive a bike.  If I hear any fundraising efforts created on their behalf, I will share in another blog post and on Facebook HERE.  Feel free to email me at wilmingtonapple@gmail.com to alert me to anything.

Ethan Gentry
Ethan Gentry

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