Buy Your ‘Autism Awareness Wilmington Pride’ T-Shirt, Support Beyond TOPS

WILMINGTON, MA – 1 in 68 children in America are living with an autism spectrum disorder.

Wilmington Middle School teacher Crystal O’Keefe and Wilmington High School teacher Kristin Spinosa, both of whom work with such students each day, have something amazing planned for Autism Awareness Month this April.  But, if you want to help their efforts, you need to act fast!

“This year for Autism Awareness month, we wanted to continue to raise awareness about a medical diagnosis that is becoming more prevalent and well known,” O’Keefe told Wilmington Apple.

“We thought of a way to incorporate the iconic puzzle piece design with Wilmington’s Wildcat mascot,” said O’Keefe.  “With a little talented help from Champion’s Choice, we were able to come up with an amazing t-shirt!”

“Although ‘Light It Up Blue Day’ is April 2nd, we are asking people to celebrate Wilmington Autism Awareness Day on Friday, April 17,” announced O’Keefe.  Folks should make a conscious effort to wear the shirts on that day.

T-shirts are on sale NOW until March 10th (midnight).  Shirts can be shipped to an address or students can pick up their shirts at their school.

Click HERE to order the t-shirt.  These fantastic t-shirts cost $14, but – for $19 – you can purchase the t-shirt and a $5 donation will be sent to Beyond TOPS.

“When thinking of a charity to give back to, we chose Beyond Tops,” said O’Keefe.  “There are so many great autism-only charities around, but we felt it was important to choose something ‘closer to home’ and that had more of an impact on our students.  Both Kristin and I have students who are involved in various TOPS programs and have heard parents speak wonders about the program.”

According to its website, Beyond TOPS is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to integrate children with mental and physical disabilities into the community through sports.

Autism Awareness Wilmington Pride T-Shirt
Autism Awareness Wilmington Pride T-Shirt

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