Boston Dog Company To Open “Doggy Daycare, Pet Resort and Veterinarian Office” in Wilmington

WILMINGTON, MA – Come June 1, Wilmington dog owners will have a new local option for its four-legged family members when looking for dog daycare, dog walking, dog sitting, dog boarding, dog training, and veterinarian services.

Earlier this week, the Boston Dog Company announced it will be opening a location at 555 Main Street in Wilmington this June. The company also currently has locations in Acton and Cambridge.

Boston Dog Company offers a vast array of services, billing itself as a “Doggy Daycare, Pet Resort and Veterinarian Office.”

According to its website, the company’s mission is to “provide a safe and dog-centered environment for all dogs in its care,” backed by a “rigorous and comprehensive evaluation process” to ensure only friendly, social dogs are allowed in.  In fact, typically only 5-10% of applicants are accepted.

The company takes pride in the fact that it’s one of the few dog daycares that actually takes each dog on a walk every 2-3 hours.  Revenue raised from its dog daycare supports various dog shelters and rescues.

The owner tells Wilmington Apple, “The construction starts once the snow melts.  The entire space will be renovated.  We are building a new parking lot and installing a new septic system as well… We are excited as it took over a year to get all the special permits and zoning requirements to operate a facility.  We are on track to open June 1st.”

Preregistration is now open.  Call the Cambridge location at 617-858-DOGS (3647) to learn more.

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