Pancake Breakfast Set To Raise Funds For Eagle Scout Project

WILMINGTON, MA — Excuse me, can you please pass the bacon?

On Sunday, March 22, 9am-11:30am, a pancake breakfast will be held to benefit an Eagle Scout project for Brent Johnson of Troop 136, at Villanova Hall (126 Middlesex Ave.).

Pancakes, sausage, bacon, coffee, and juice will be served.  Admission is $6 per person.  Children under 3 can eat at no charge.  Donations are also accepted.

For his project, Johnson – a junior at Wilmington High School – plans on rebuilding a fire ring, building a storage box for firewood, building benches, and installing a flag pole, all at Camp 40 Acres in Wilmington.  His work begins this Friday afternoon, when he’ll be clearing snow from the site.

According to the Boy Scouts of America website, to earn a the rank of Eagle Scout, a Boy Scout must:

  • Progress through the ranks in the following order: Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, Eagle
  • Earn 21 merit badges, including: First Aid, Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the World, Communications, Environmental Science, Personal Fitness, Camping, Family Life, Personal Management, Emergency Preparedness or Lifesaving, Cycling/Hiking/Swimming
  • Serve six months in a troop leadership position
  • Plan, develop, and give leadership to a service project for any religious organization or any school or community
  • Take part in a Scoutmaster conference
  • Successfully complete an Eagle Scout board of review

Good luck to Brent in his quest to become an Eagle Scout!

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