School Committee Honors Longtime WCTV Cameramen Duo, Ron & Don

WILMINGTON, MA — “We’ve got a surprise,” announced School Committee Chairwoman Peggy Kane, at the end of last week’s board meeting.

“Ron and Don, we’d like you to stand in front of the camera,” she said with a smile.

Ron Buccheri and Don Leard have become fixtures in Wilmington, filming more than twenty years worth of Selectmen, School Committee, and Annual Town Meetings for Wilmington Community Television (WCTV).  Leard began volunteering at WCTV in 1992; Buccheri joined in 1994.

“Out of all the people here, I’ve been working with you the longest,” said Chairwoman Kane. “You’ve done such wonderful work.”  Kane praised the duo’s reliability, work ethic and seemingly permanent happy attitude, declaring that Buccheri and Leard serves as a “role model for all of us.”

Buccheri and Leard were presented with plaques recognizing their 20+ years of “dedicated service to recording school committee meetings for the Wilmington community.”   They also received a “bag of goodies,” including Wildcat hats and customized sweatshirts.  Both were very appreciative of their well-deserved gifts.

The School Committee will soon begin meeting in the new high school’s media production room.  The cameras will be automated, and Ron and Don’s roles in recording the meetings will be reduced.

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