Let’s Help Get This Very Special Wilmington Boy A Special Bike

WILMINGTON, MA – Can you take 30 seconds out of your day to help a very special 9 year-old Wilmington resident?

Ethan Gentry suffers from two very rare terminal diseases, Leukodystrophy and Muscular Dystrophy.

Ethan’s mother has recently entered him into the “Great Bike Giveaway,” a contest which provides adaptive bikes to special children.

Ethan’s mom writes, “You would never know by seeing [Ethan’s] smiling face and his love for life [that he has the diseases].  He brightens everyone’s day that he comes into contact with…. Ethan struggles to walk short distances, falls constantly due to his ataxia, and has 20-50 seizures daily, yet he never complains!”

She continues: “I would love to see Ethan be able to play outside with his siblings and friends and be able to ride a bike.  Not only will it be fun for him, it will also allow him to strengthen his leg muscles.”

Please click HERE to vote for Ethan.  You need to verify your vote by supplying your email address and clicking “submit.”  You’ll receive an email within seconds.  Open the email and click “Click here to verify.”  The whole process takes 30 seconds.  Voting ends March 4.

To learn more about Ethan, visit the Ethan Gentry Foundation page on Facebook.

Ethan Gentry of Wilmington, MA
Ethan Gentry of Wilmington, MA

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