RMLD Releases Customer Survey Results: Very Positive Ratings Throughout

Below is a press release from Reading Municipal Light Department:

READING, MA — In late 2022, the Reading Municipal Light Department (RMLD) partnered with GreatBlue Research to conduct a customer satisfaction survey. GreatBlue Research is a full-service market research company based in Glastonbury, Connecticut with extensive experience conducting customer surveys for municipally-owned electric utilities in Massachusetts and across the United States. The RMLD received very positive ratings throughout. The customers also identified a few key areas for improvement, and RMLD will work to apply the feedback and insight collected to continuously improve its programs and processes.

The survey sought input in the areas of service reliability, rates, customer service, energy efficiency programs, power supply, policies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and more. Overall customer satisfaction results were positive with RMLD receiving a 93.4 percent overall satisfaction rating from residential customers and a 94.0 percent overall satisfaction rating from commercial customers.

RMLD also received high ratings for its reliability and customer service. RMLD earned a 98.1 percent reliability rating from residential customers and a 97.0 percent reliability rating from commercial customers, and 95.4 percent of residential customers and 97.7 percent of commercial customers were satisfied with their interactions with customer service.

“RMLD prides itself on its reliability and customer service, and our strong efforts in those key areas are reflected in the ratings we received from our customers,” said RMLD General Manager Greg Phipps. “The customer survey also identified important areas for opportunity including more communications to help customers better understand key initiatives and technologies including RMLD’s energy efficiency programs and solar installations.”

The survey also examined the likelihood of customer adoption of energy efficient technologies. When asked about installing an air source heat pump, 37.5 percent of residents and 26.9 percent of commercial customers expressed interest. For solar panels, 19.9 percent of residents expressed interest while 15 percent of businesses are considering solar panel installation.

A total of 1,282 customers responded to the survey, which was conducted by phone and online. The survey was completed in March, and results were presented to RMLD’s Citizens’ Advisory Board and Board of Commissioners at their public meetings held on April 13, 2023 and April 20, 2023 respectively.

As customer satisfaction was just one of the many areas of investigation covered in the survey, those interested in seeing the comprehensive results are encouraged to view the complete report at  https://www.rmld.com/2023-customer-survey.

The RMLD greatly appreciates the opportunity to receive feedback from its customers and would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete the survey.

RMLD Customer Seurvey Results

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