NEW STEW: Watch April Episode Of ‘Book Stew’ Featuring Boston Globe Editorial Cartoonist Beth Wolfensberger Singer

Below is an announcement from Wilmington Community Television’s “Book Stew:”

Hello, Book Stew viewers and listeners! Spring is slo-o-o-w-l-y bringing buds out on trees, and the mating calls of peepers are upon us -what a perfect time for a light-hearted Book Stew meetup with noted Sunday Boston Globe editorial cartoonist Beth Wolfensberger Singer. As a child, the former Boston Phoenix writer always loved drawing ladies in fancy dresses, and now those illustrations are aligned with her strong political views, like her recent “Local Heroes In Loco Sweaters” (see below). You’ll enjoy finding out exactly how Beth’s half page gems are created, and you’ll also get to hear me doing a dramatic reading of her recent exploration of 7 ½ ways to improve air travel!

Click on the links below for video (kind of a must for this episode) or podcast, and enjoy! Happy emergence from winter (and indictment)!



Eileen MacDougall is the host/producer of 110 + episodes of Book Stew, a web series and podcast originating in 2014 , featuring every variety of authors, illustrators, poets, and playwrights, plus a cat that survived a tornado and lived to write about it!

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