WCTV NEWS & NOTES: WCTV To Hold Annual Meeting On March 21

Below is an announcement from Wilmington Community Television:

WCTV’S ANNUAL MEETING — Calling all WCTV Members!

WCTV will hold its Annual Meeting on Tuesday, March 21, 2023 at 6pm at our 10 Waltham Street location. At the meeting, WCTV members will vote for new members for the Board of Directors, hear a review of WCTV’s 2022 accomplishments and expressions of gratitude to the staff and membership. Members will have the opportunity to vote for up to 5 open seats on the board. Each WCTV board member serves a 2-year term. There are 3 new candidates running as well as 2 current board members who are seeking re-election. Members will vote in person at the meeting by paper ballot on that evening. Light refreshments will be provided.

Upcoming Meetings Covered By WCTV:

Wednesday, March 22, 7PM — School Committee
View on: Verizon channels 37 and 38 and Comcast channels 9 and 22

Follow WCTV:

Twitter: WCTV (@Wilmington_TV)

Facebook: WCTV: Wilmington Community Television

Instagram: Wilmington_tv

About WCTV:

WCTV is located at: 10 Waltham Street, Wilmington

Questions about WCTV? Contact info@wctv.org

WCTV Channels: Public Channel: Verizon 37, Comcast 9

Meetings & Government: Verizon 38, Comcast 22

Access: Verizon 39. Comcast 99

To watch programs On-Demand or for more information, check us out at WCTV.org.

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