WCTV NEWS & NOTES: Explore WCTV’s Website For Program Listings & More

Below is an announcement from Wilmington Community Television:

Explore WCTV’s Website For Program Listings & More

The best way to find out what’s going on at WCTV is to check out our website: wctv.org. Once there, you can check out the latest programming, see what’s coming up, inquire about membership, view your favorite programs, listen to podcasts—and more! There’s so much to explore and we invite you to see how you can get involved with your town TV station! Please also consider donating to WCTV or becoming a sponsor. Your generous donations and sponsorships help us to continue bringing you all the programming you love and expect. For more information about WCTV, please contact Community Outreach Coordinator, Lisa Kapala-Egan at: lisa@wctv.org.

Follow WCTV:

Twitter: WCTV (@Wilmington_TV)

Facebook: WCTV: Wilmington Community Television

Instagram: Wilmington_tv

About WCTV:

WCTV is located at: 10 Waltham Street, Wilmington

Questions about WCTV? Contact info@wctv.org

WCTV Channels: Public Channel: Verizon 37, Comcast 9

Meetings & Government: Verizon 38, Comcast 22

Access: Verizon 39. Comcast 99

To watch programs On-Demand or for more information, check us out at WCTV.org.

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