Wilmington Solid Waste Facility Receives $150K Recycling & Reuse Business Development Grant

Below is a press release from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection:

BOSTON, MA — The Healey-Driscoll Administration recently awarded more than $950,000 in grants to six companies under the Commonwealth’s Recycling and Reuse Business Development Grant (RBDG) program, which will enable Massachusetts recycling companies to expand and grow their operations and increase the amount and quality of recycling in the Commonwealth. The grant program, administered by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), will expand recycling and reuse operations and increase the amount and quality of recycling now occurring at 887 Woburn LLC., Aero Aggregates of Massachusetts LLC., HandUp US, LLC., HELPSY, Wachusett Earthday, Inc., and Windward Trading Group Ltd.

“Protecting the environment is a fundamental responsibility of state government and partnering with private businesses like these grant recipients helps us increase and improve recycling across the Commonwealth,” said Governor Maura Healey. “Our administration is pleased to support these companies as they grow in their local communities and implement innovative methods and practices that allow us all to achieve our common environmental goals.”

“It is important to support industries that handle ‘difficult-to-recycle materials’ and help them implement new and innovative ways to reduce the waste stream,” said Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll. “The Recycling Business Development Grant Program helps businesses throughout the Commonwealth develop valuable products, while protecting our environment and creating jobs that strengthen state, regional and local economies.”

The RBDG program targets difficult-to-recycle materials that may otherwise be disposed. This round of grants funded projects that are focused on promoting the recovery of construction and demolition (C&D) materials, glass, organics, textiles, mattresses, and furniture. As a condition of receiving funding, grant recipients commit to meeting tonnage goals over a two-year period.

“This program will help develop and expand the Commonwealth’s strong recycling infrastructure, which includes an estimated 2,000 businesses supporting 14,000 jobs,” said Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Rebecca Tepper. “Under this grant program, new markets will be created for valuable waste materials, which will help protect our environment for future generations.”

“Through our Solid Waste Master Plan, Massachusetts has a goal to reduce our trash disposal by 30 percent by 2030,” said MassDEP Acting Commissioner Gary Moran. “Building and expanding our in-state reuse and recycling outlets for these materials helps us to capture both the environmental and economic benefits of reuse and recycling.”

The grant recipients are:

887 Woburn, LLC, Wilmington – Up to $150,000
887 Woburn, LLC will take in construction and demolition materials at the Wilmington facility and separate wood, metal, cardboard, and aggregates for recycling. Grant funds will allow them to purchase picking-and-sorting equipment for removing waste ban items from the mixed waste and separate other recyclable materials for recycling or diversionary uses.

Aero Aggregates of Massachusetts, LLC, Southbridge – Up to $200,000
Aero Aggregates of Massachusetts will develop a container glass processing facility in Southbridge. Grant funds will be used to purchase front-end glass-cleaning and processing equipment that will allow them to convert container glass into a construction material named as Ultra-Lightweight Foamed Glass Aggregate (UL-FGA).

HandUp US, LLC, New Bedford – Up to $192,900
HandUp US LLC will take mattresses for dismantling and retrieve scrap metals at their New Bedford facility. Grant funds will be used to purchase equipment, including a baler and pocket coil de-constructor that will allow HandUp US LLC to reclaim metal from mattresses and box springs, including pocket coil mattresses.

Recycle That Acquisition, LLC, d/b/a HELPSY, Woburn – Up to $145,000
HELPSY will take textiles and conduct sorting at their Woburn facility. After sorting operations, HELPSY will separate out the good quality textiles and resell those using an e-commerce platform. Lesser quality textiles and non-clothing material will be shipped to recycling wholesale customers or thrift stores. Grant funds will be used to purchase equipment that will allow HELPSY to process a larger volume of textiles by increasing processing capacity.

Wachusett Earthday, Inc., West Boylston – Up to $80,443
Wachusett Earthday, Inc. will take furniture for repurposing and reuse at their West Boylston facility. Furniture will be dismantled and repurposed as needed for further reuse. Grant funds will be used for site preparation and shipping containers to increase the volume of household and small office furniture reuse.

Windward Trading Group, Ltd., Brockton – Up to $184,000
Windward Trading Group, Ltd. will take textiles for baling at their Brockton facility and selling afterwards worldwide. Grant funds will be used to replace old equipment and purchase new equipment that will allow them to process a larger volume of textiles.

“Recycling efforts are critical to protecting our environment, reducing waste, and safeguarding Massachusetts’ natural resources for generations to come,” said State Senator Barry Finegold (D-Andover). “We must ensure that businesses throughout the Commonwealth have the funding they need to implement meaningful recycling programs, and I’m grateful the Department of Environmental Protection is helping to make that possible through this important grant program.”

“The Recycling and Reuse Business Development Grant is a great opportunity to fund improvements to residential and commercial recycling and reuse programs and to combat the negative impacts of specific materials, like large furniture pieces, on the environment,” said State Senator Robyn Kennedy (D-Worcester). “I am happy to see Wachusett Earthday, Inc., as a recipient of the program. This volunteer-based organization is ensuring that residents of West Boylston and other surrounding towns have methods to properly reduce waste and the disposal of household items.”

“Wachusett Earthday is a great steward of the environment and I am thrilled that they are being awarded up to $80,000 from MassDEP,” said State Representative Jim O’Day, First Division Leader (D-West Boylston). “This is fantastic news not only for the business, but for the whole West Boylston community as well.”

The RDBG program is one of a number of efforts by the Commonwealth to promote recycling efforts across the state. Since 2016, MassDEP has awarded $5.3 million in grants to Massachusetts recycling businesses.

MassDEP’s mission is to protect and enhance the Commonwealth’s natural resources – air, water and land – to provide for the health, safety and welfare of all people, and a clean and safe environment for future generations. In carrying out this mission, MassDEP commits to address and advance environmental justice and equity for all people of the Commonwealth, provide meaningful, inclusive opportunities for people to participate in agency decisions that affect their lives and ensure a diverse workforce that reflects the communities served by the agency.

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