NEW STEW: Watch February Episode Of ‘Book Stew’ To Meet ‘Shoebert’s Great Adventures’ Authors

Below is an announcement from Wilmington Community Television’s “Book Stew:”

Hello, Book Stew viewers and listeners! I proudly present the February 2023 episode of Book Stew. Return with me back to Shoe Pond in Beverly, MA with author/photographers Stanley Forman and Joe Brown to remember the legendary Shoebert, the grey seal who gained international acclaim in the fall of 2022.

Stanley, the thrice Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, recounts how, though retired, his ear and eye remain sharp – and how a call on police radio last September brought him to the Cummings Center, a shoe-manufactory-turned-office-park, to see a sleek small head pop up out of the water and stare curiously at him.

His new photo book, Shoebert’s Great Adventure, is told from the seal’s perspective (wife Debbie Forman’s idea and words), right up until Shoebert turns himself in at the door of the Beverly Police Station (TRUE!) , is transported to the Mystic Aquarium, and released back into the ocean. It’s a perfect tribute to our beloved, sleek, fish-devouring guest.

Please check out the new Book Stew episode on WCTV on Tuesdays at 1 PM, Wednesdays at 8 PM, Friday at 7 PM, and Saturdays at noon.  Or click on the links below and enjoy!



Shoebert’s Great Adventure, especially for kids:

Shoebert swag, including tees and hoodies:

Eileen MacDougall is the host/producer of 105 + episodes of Book Stew, a web series and podcast originating in 2014 , featuring every variety of authors, illustrators, poets, and playwrights, plus a cat that survived a tornado and lived to write about it!

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