WCTV NEWS & NOTES: WCTV Touts Holiday Programming, Wishes Residents Happy Holidays

Below is an announcement from Wilmington Community Television:

Happy Holidays From WCTV

We at WCTV hope that all of you have a wonderful and peaceful holiday! If you are looking for programing to watch that will help keep you in a festive mood, we’ve got you covered! We have an interview with Santa and Mrs. Claus that was done by Lisa Kapala on “Where’s Wilmington” (Episode #174), a replay of the amazingly talented acapella band, “Ball in the House” sharing Holiday tunes, all the episodes of “Under the Lights”, WCTV’s docuseries about Wildcat football and a host of other specials to delight you! The best way to view these programs is to go to: wctv.org. Once there, click on the “our programming” tab then select “video on demand”. You’ll find everything right there as well as schedules for our TV channels. If you want to see what’s on TV you can do that at our website also! That’s wctv.org, then go to the “our programming” tab, “video on demand” and you’ll see an “A” with the word “live” under it. Click on that for a listing of what’s on our channels and when. Happy viewing and we hope you have a very cool yule!

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