WCTV NEWS & NOTES: WCTV Has New Episodes Of ‘Wildcat Corner,’ ‘Wildcat Sports’ & Last Week’s WPS Concerts Available

Below is an announcement from Wilmington Community Television:

WCTV Is Working Hard To Bring You More & More Amazing Programming!

As we enter the Holiday season and close out the year, WCTV is still working hard to bring you all the amazing programming you love and expect, as well as bringing you even more wonderful programs to watch and listen to!

Right now, we have new episodes of some of your favorites that you can view anytime by going to: wctv.org. Once there, click on the “Our Programming” tab and you’ll see a dropdown menu that lists: “Video on Demand”, “Podcasts” and “Government”. We’ve got new episodes of “Wildcat Corner with Glen Brand”, “Wildcat Sports with Jim Boyle” and recent Wilmington Chorus and Band concerts as well as our regular features like, “Book Stew” and other programs available on “Video on Demand.” If you’d like to view a list of what’s on our channels by day and time you can see the programming list by going to wctv.org. Once there, click on “Video on Demand” and look at the left side of the screen where you’ll see the letter “A” and “live”. Each of our 3 channels is listed there. Click on each channel to see what’s on and when. You can also find our podcasts and covered government meetings at wctv.org using the instructions listed above. Happy viewing and listening and there’s so much more to come!

Upcoming Meetings Covered By WCTV:

Wednesday, December 21, 7PM — School Committee
View on channels: Comcast 9, Verizon 37

Follow WCTV:

Twitter: WCTV (@Wilmington_TV)

Facebook: WCTV: Wilmington Community Television

Instagram: Wilmington_tv

About WCTV:

WCTV is located at: 10 Waltham Street, Wilmington

Questions about WCTV? Contact info@wctv.org

WCTV Channels: Public Channel: Verizon 37, Comcast 9

Meetings & Government: Verizon 38, Comcast 22

Access: Verizon 39. Comcast 99

To watch programs On-Demand or for more information, check us out at WCTV.org.

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